Despite restarting tourism: Thailand reports the lowest corona value in months

For the first time in months, the authorities in Thailand have registered fewer than 7,000 new corona infections within a day.

Bangkok – 6,904 new cases were recorded on Tuesday – the lowest figure since early July, according to official statistics. 61 people in the popular holiday country with 70 million inhabitants died within one day in connection with Covid-19. The course of the latest delta-powered outbreak in Thailand is unusual: Although the numbers have fallen since August – when a high of more than 23,000 new infections had been recorded – they stagnated for a long time between 9,000 and 12,000 new cases during the day.

Meanwhile, the Southeast Asian country has been hoping for a restart of the important tourism industry for a good week. Since November 1st, fully vaccinated people from 63 countries have been allowed to vacation in Thailand without quarantine. Among other things, a PCR test is required before departure and one after arrival, as well as a hotel booking for the first night. In addition, interested parties must register online for the so-called “Thailand Pass”.

In the first week of opening around 12,000 holidaymakers from all over the world landed in Thailand, reported the Bangkok Post newspaper. “If this trend continues, the total number of travelers arriving this month will likely exceed the total for the past 19 months,” it said. That is a “positive vibe” for the tourism industry – but still a long way from the influx of visitors before the pandemic, when an average of three million holidaymakers came a month. (dpa)

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