Disappointment over ‘exceptionally weak’ first draft of the Climate Summit



The first eraser of the ‘Glasgow Declaration’ that is being negotiated at the XXVI Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26) does not mention the elimination of fossil fuels. This has been denounced by Greenpeace, which has described the text of 850 words as “exceptionally weak”. The NGO assures that this point is “key” to be able to limit the increase in temperature of the planet in 1.5ºC.

Greenpeace assures that this first draft does not contain “any mention” of the progressive elimination of fossil fuels, something that the NGO considers that it goes “against” the indications of the experts.

The NGO, which has been participating as an observer in COPs for years, explains that normally the first draft of the agreement is relatively ambitious and then fades awayTherefore, the fact that this first text is “so weak does not bode well”, so it asks negotiators to “confront the blockers” such as Saudi Arabia or Australia to reach a commitment to eliminate fuels fossils.

Thus, the NGO regrets that the first version has 850 uncompromising words to take ‘tangible’ measures against climate change, such as end global dependence on coal, oil and gas. Therefore, it warns that the activists are “very concerned” by this “flagrant omission.”

Faced with this version of the text, it requires negotiators to confront the countries that prevent reducing fossil fuels and that have achieved that this objective is “even mentioned” in the 25 texts of the COP, which paralyzes ambition.

For Greenpeace, Glasgow must limit the global temperature increase to 1.5ºC; commit to phasing out fossil fuels “no cheating, no loopholes, no offsetting scams, and no green hoaxes.”

The executive director of Greenpeace International, Jennifer Morgan, who has participated in “all” COPs, has criticized that every time fossil fuels are mentioned, the talks are blocked by the same countries.

“To keep 1.5ºC alive, four words must be added: ‘eliminate fossil fuels’, and countries must return next year to close the gap,” he insisted.

So, remember that negotiators only have five days to reach an agreement that is the basis for facing the climate crisis and finalizing a final text for the countries to sign.

For Greenpeace, so far at COP26 countries have announced «a series of voluntary agreements containing vague language and large gaps. ‘

Furthermore, given that the next two COPs will be held in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates respectively, activists fear that Glasgow is the crunch time to get the COP text to commit to the elimination of fossil fuels.

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