Electricity crisis averted in Gaza Strip | politics

An impending crisis in the electricity supply for the people in the Gaza Strip has been averted for the time being.

Gaza / Tel Aviv – After Qatar-financed fuel deliveries to the Gaza Strip were stopped, the local energy authority warned on Saturday that the only power plant in the coastal area was threatened with failure within hours. On Tuesday, however, the energy agency confirmed that deliveries had resumed.

A Palestinian representative in the Gaza Strip had already said on Sunday that the problem had been resolved. Fuel deliveries are expected again from Monday. The background to the temporary crisis was a “technical problem” in connection with exchange rates when transferring Qatari money to Israeli banks. Qatar is said to be buying the fuel for the Gaza Strip from an Israeli company.

Qatar has good relations with the Islamist Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. The Gulf emirate pays around 8.7 million euros a month for the fuel and a further 8.7 million euros for needy families in the Gaza Strip. According to aid organizations, the roughly two million people in the coastal area live in very poor conditions – electricity is only available by the hour.

Hamas forcibly seized power in 2007. Israel then tightened a blockade of the coastal area, which is supported by Egypt. Both states justify the measure with security interests. Israel, the EU and the USA classify Hamas as a terrorist organization. (dpa)


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