ELGA – “No all-clear” in the event of a failure with prescriptions and vaccination records

Patients who want to pick up a drug from the pharmacy using an electronically transmitted prescription or who want to have a vaccination certificate issued are confronted with difficulties. The system of Electronic health record (Elga) has only worked to a limited extent for several days.

Elga GmbH endeavors to rectify the problems. “We are working at full speed on it,” said Elga managing director Franz Leisch on Tuesday afternoon in a phone call with the “Wiener Zeitung”. There are always internal meetings. “Unfortunately, the all-clear has not yet been given,” he regretted. He cannot yet say when this will be the case. The medical association is of course getting impatient because the ordinations are also massively affected by the breakdown.

Those responsible for Elga admitted on Monday evening that there were problems with a number of applications. This applies to the entry of (corona) vaccinations in the e-vaccination pass as well as the electronic issuing of prescriptions and electronic reports in ordinations. The pharmacies are also affected. The result: If patients throughout Austria get a prescription for medication after a phone call to their family doctor, there may at least be delays, the Elga-Gesellschaft acknowledges in a broadcast.

The reason is the changeover on November 4th

According to official information, the reason for the difficulties and delays lies in an update of the Elga access authorization that has been planned for a long time from Thursday, November 4th, the previous week. Overloads occur, which then result in later execution. “Since the vast majority of Elga accesses by ordinations and pharmacies are via the e-card system, these are particularly affected,” is the explanation given.

That is why doctors were asked to write prescriptions to patients on paper instead of sending them electronically to pharmacies. Vaccinations that cannot be entered in the electronic vaccination pass immediately, but would not be lost, are insured. Ordinations and vaccination centers could “follow up” as soon as possible. We are working flat out to rectify the error.

Medical deputy chief wants compensation if necessary

The doctors’ representatives broke Tuesday morning, on the sixth day of the problems, the collar. Medical Association Vice President Johannes Steinhart demanded that resolving the problems should have top priority. He went even further: If the failures are not resolved soon, one must ask the question of who will compensate the doctors for the administrative overtime and the time for rework, said Steinhart.


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