EU sanctions against Belarus: Visa facilitation is partially lifted

“This decision is a response to the ongoing hybrid attack by the Belarusian regime,” said a statement on Tuesday. The move was proposed at the end of September by the EU Commission in the conflict over allegedly controlled migration via Belarus.

According to the information, it applies to “officials of the Belarusian regime”. In the future, it will be more time-consuming and expensive for them to get a visa to enter the EU. Ordinary Belarusian citizens are not affected by the decision. It will now be published in the Official Journal of the EU and will come into force two days later. The agreement in question has only been in force since July 2020.

“We strongly condemn the ongoing instrumentalisation of migration by the Belarusian regime and firmly reject it. It cannot be accepted that Belarus is playing with people’s lives for political purposes,” said the Slovenian Interior Minister Ale ?? Hojs on behalf of the current EU Presidency.

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The EU does not recognize the presidential election in Belarus from August 2020 and accuses ruler Alexander Lukashenko, among other things, of committing human rights violations against his own people. In addition, according to the EU, he is targeting people from crisis regions such as Afghanistan and Iraq, in order to smuggle them into the EU.

On Monday, according to the Polish authorities, larger groups of migrants on the Belarusian side near the Kuznica border crossing, which has now been closed, tried in vain to break through the fence. The EU has already adopted several sanction packages against Belarus and is working on further punitive measures.

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