Five basic tips to get started in caravanning




Traveling the roads in a motorhome has become fashionable, even more so at a time when we have returned to appreciate the ability to travel freely to any destination, planning the course on the fly. And there are many factors that make exploring the world on wheels the best option, however, before embarking on the adventure it is necessary to know very well the peculiarities of traveling in this type of transport. For this reason, from EcoFlow, a company of portable power generators, ideal for this type of trip, they offer us five basic tips for starting in the world of caravanning be as satisfying as possible:

1. Plan your itineraryAlthough traveling by motorhome is synonymous with freedom, it is important to know that you cannot camp anywhere. There are some specific rules and places where it is allowed to spend the night, so it is important that you have a specific route planned, with the places where you want to make stops, regardless of the number of days you spend in each of them.

2. Organize your meals: during your trip you can choose whether to eat out or in the motorhome. For this second option, you must take into account that these vehicles have the space measured to the millimeter, so it is important that you plan the purchase of food before starting the trip and that you go well stocked, regardless of whether you are replenishing what is missing on the March.

3. Make sure you have an adequate power system: one of the greatest comforts when traveling in a motorhome is to have an adequate energy system that allows us to be more self-sufficient and travel more comfortably.

4. Learn the difference between parking, staying overnight and camping: it is important that you know the basic rules with this type of vehicle, to avoid fines and surprises during your trip, which could spoil what was intended to be a great adventure in a caravan. To park, consult the National Traffic Regulations and the General Traffic Regulations, as well as the regulations relating to camping and spending the night, which may vary according to the autonomous community, province or town.

5. Ltake only what you need: Trying to travel light is a must in all trips in general, in the caravanning world in particular. The lack of space inside makes it necessary for you not only to be tidy, but also to learn to carry what you really need, bearing in mind that you can stop to buy almost anything you need along the way. In addition, traveling light will be key to lower fuel consumption.

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