Ford will abolish the night shift in Almussafes from January 1 due to the drop in production




The address of Ford Almussafes announced this Tuesday to its workers that will abolish the night shift as of January 1 next because the company will reorient itself towards electrification with fewer models and a drop in production. From the works council they have reacted with concern because they fear a staff surplus.

This official communication to the representatives of its employees about the new situation in the vehicle manufacturing plants, according to union sources informed Europa Press, has taken place at the weekly dialogue table opened with the works council to reach an ‘Agreement Electrification ‘, within the framework of the redesign of Ford’s business in Europe with fewer models and focused on hybrids and electric.

The general secretary of the works council and spokesperson for UGT at Ford Almussafes, José Luis Parra, has shown its «concern for the possible surplus »of staff that this could provoke both in Ford and in the rest of the industrial estate, among the auxiliary companies of the automotive industry.

Furthermore, Ford Almussafes management has continued to “insist on the salary reduction as a fundamental point to gain competitiveness ”, explained Parra.

However, “despite the fact that this measure is being imposed in the sector as a whole, from UGT we will continue working to reach an agreement that protects the status of Ford workers in times of great uncertainty and instability, as we are seeing, in the constant changes that are taking place in the ERTE due to the lack of components», Has asserted the union official.

Parra has assured that they will “continue working at the negotiation table to reach an ‘Agreement for electrification’, because without a workload we will not be able to negotiate any type of labor condition”.

As for the ‘telecommuting‘, the factory has presented a proposal “insufficient for what UGT has been demanding since before the pandemic.” For the union, “economic compensation for colleagues in teleworking mode is essential,” he pointed out.

Early retirement

In addition, the management at this time does not contemplate the negotiation proposed by UGT on the 30 workers of Engines that were going to take early retirement through the Employment Regulation File (ERE) agreed last April, but whose output has been “frozen” on the occasion of the launch of the new hybrid engine.

For his part, the spokesperson for STM, Daniel Portillo he regretted that the company insists on “the importance of the Ford Almussafes staff working more and charging less to be a more competitive factory” and has warned that for the union the cutting of labor and economic rights will continue to be “red lines. We are not going to go there ». In his opinion, it is the management that should “put the batteries to bring workload.”

From CGT They have proposed leaving the Assembly chain and the toughest jobs for workers over 50 years of age and their relocation to jobs that require less physical effort and have called for the creation of indirect jobs that allow the relocation of workers with medical limitations, a proposal that the company does not accept, the union has lamented.

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