France is preparing for the fourth corona wave

FFrance is preparing for a possible fourth wave of infections at an early stage. President Emmanuel Macron convened a Corona Security Council in the Élysée Palace on Tuesday to discuss further action in a confidential circle. On Tuesday evening, he intended to address the nation in a televised address.

Compared to Germany, the infection situation is relaxed. 2197 new cases were reported in the past 24 hours. The incidence value per 100,000 inhabitants is the national average at 72.4, with a slight upward trend. “There is a negative context in the development of the pandemic,” warned National Assembly President Richard Ferrand. Macron’s party colleague called for a “national mobilization to prevent what we see in Germany, the Netherlands and elsewhere”.

Considerable vaccination catch-up

Macron last demonstrated in July that political will and assertiveness make a difference in the fight against the pandemic. At the beginning of the summer holidays he took a high risk when he forced the French to use 3G with the catchphrase health passport.

Since the televised address on July 12, the vaccination rate has skyrocketed. According to the Ministry of Health, 87.1 percent of French people over the age of 12 who are eligible for vaccination are now fully vaccinated. In the land of vaccination skeptics, this vaccination rate shows that we are catching up a lot.

But now the government is worried that the vaccination protection for the elderly and ailing people might not be enough. Since the beginning of September, all French people over 65 years of age or with previous illnesses have been recommended to protect themselves with a third booster vaccination in winter. The campaign got off to a slow start.

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