Has politics learned nothing from the pandemic?

Et was at the second TV triad by Armin Laschet, Olaf Scholz and Annalena Baerbock when the Green Chancellor candidate made an astonishing proposal. The corona situation was already tense at the time, but it was nowhere near as dramatic as it is today, when the incidence is above 200 and the intensive care units in some places are already full with Covid patients.

Mona Jaeger

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So Baerbock said that if you get into a situation in nursing and clinics that not enough people have been vaccinated, the question of mandatory vaccination for individual professional groups must also be addressed. That was quite a hammer. Because the Chancellor candidates had so far avoided the subject of mandatory vaccinations, they had already committed too much for months: No matter what other countries may do, there will be no mandatory vaccination in Germany.

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That is why no one really accepted Baerbock’s suggestion. The candidate herself did not pick him up either. At best, he allowed a glimpse inside her – what she would actually want, but which is not politically opportune.

A few weeks have now passed, the Greens are negotiating with the FDP and SPD about a traffic light government, and a catastrophic Corona winter threatens. If you could still accept the Baerbock’s failed advance from the Triell, out of consideration for the election campaign, nobody is addressing the hot topic of mandatory vaccination, we had to find out after the election: No, nobody dares to do it after the election either.

Division of society: demonstration in Vienna, a comprehensive 2-G rule now applies in Austria.

Division of society: demonstration in Vienna, a comprehensive 2-G rule now applies in Austria.

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Politics, one sometimes has the feeling, has barely made any progress. We are again discussing the same questions as we were a year ago: How can we better protect the elderly in particular? Is it necessary to test in homes? Even though we now have an effective vaccine. The perplexity of politics becomes most evident in the example of the citizen tests. The free offer was canceled a month ago in the hope of increasing pressure to get vaccinated. Unfortunately, it didn’t really work. And the lack of tests is now becoming a risk, given some vaccination breakthroughs. So politicians are laboriously discussing the reintroduction of the free tests that are likely to come now. Couldn’t you have saved yourself that?


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