He is not vaccinated – Upper Austria: FP boss Haimbuchner fights the 2G regulation

He refuses to be vaccinated and is taking legal action against the new federal regulation: FP boss Manfred Haimbuchner counteracts the efforts of the ÖVP to get more vaccinations in Upper Austria.

Governor Thomas Stelzer and LH deputy Christine Haberlander (both ÖVP) presented the stricter measures for Upper Austria without FPÖ support last Thursday. Now that the federal government has introduced the 2G regulation, the inconsistent stance in the black and blue state government is becoming all the more obvious. Efforts by the ÖVP to promote vaccination – from November 15 even by means of an vaccination lottery – are thwarted by the blue government partner.

FPÖ boss is no longer considered a recovered
FPÖ boss and LH deputy Manfred Haimbuchner confirmed on Monday that he did not want to be vaccinated for the time being. In March, he had survived a life-threatening Covid-19 illness. Six months later, according to the new regulation, he is no longer considered a recovered person, and an antibody test no longer counts as G detection. He will fight this “objectively unjustified treatment of those who have recovered” “with all legal means”. As long as he has enough antibodies, he won’t go vaccinating.

With such signals, Haimbuchner is the “main reason for the pandemic misery in Upper Austria”, criticizes SPÖ club boss Michael Lindner. Party leader Birgit Gerstorfer accuses Schwarz-Blau of general “mismanagement” in matters of Corona and calls for a 2.5G rule in the state parliament.

“Personal decision”
Governor Stelzer, however, takes note of the special blue route with a shrug of his shoulders: The FPÖ is supporting the Upper Austrian corona measures. He himself campaigns aggressively for the vaccination, but: “Ultimately, of course, it remains a personal decision whether you get vaccinated or not.”


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