Landtag returns to pandemic alternative quarters

The state parliament has been meeting there since April 2020 due to the pandemic, and they only returned to the spatially narrow country house for the constituent meeting on October 23. At the presidential conference on Thursday, it should also be determined which G rule will apply to mandataries in the future, according to a state parliament spokesman on Tuesday.

After the one-time interlude in the country house, the state parliament will return to the Ursulinenhof from the next meeting on November 18 in view of the corona numbers. For the constituent meeting at the end of October it was agreed on 3G, whether this will be tightened should be decided this week. Go through several scenarios for November 18 and the multi-day budget parliament in December, it was said from the country house.

The SPÖ had recently called for 2.5G in the state parliament, the Greens are also in favor. Neos emphasize that they themselves have already suggested this step and that 2G-plus (recovered / vaccinated and PCR-tested) also want to appear at the state parliament session. The FPÖ rejects 2.5G in the state parliament.

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