Lithuania wants to declare a state of emergency in the border region

LIn view of the acute situation on the EU’s external border with Belarus, itau wants to impose a state of emergency in the border region for a month. The government of the Baltic EU country submitted a resolution to the parliament in Vilnius for approval on Tuesday. The cabinet is following a proposal by Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite. The state of emergency should therefore apply from midnight along the border with Belarus and five kilometers inland and in the migrant shelters in Kybartai, Medininkai, Pabrade, Rukla and Vilnius. Riots broke out there on Monday – tear gas was used in a camp.

“We are watching what is going on on the Polish-Belarusian border, and of course that means that we can expect similar invasions and attacks,” said Bilotaite. She justifies her proposal to declare a state of emergency to respond to this by strengthening the security of the borders. The Lithuanian Interior Minister wanted to discuss the situation at the border with her German counterpart Horst Seehofer on Tuesday.

In view of the influx of refugees from Belarus to the Polish border, Seehofer himself asked the EU states to support Poland and Germany. “We have to help the Polish government secure the external border,” he told the Bild newspaper (Tuesday). “That would actually be the task of the EU Commission. I now appeal to them to take action. ”Meanwhile, the editors rbb24 Recherche reported (Tuesday), referring to information from the Federal Police, that 308 criminal proceedings against smugglers in connection with illegal migration via Belarus had been initiated in Germany since August 1st .

German police officers on the border with Belarus?

Seehofer said that all EU states had to stand together here because the Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko “, with the support of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is using the fate of people to destabilize the West. Poland or Germany cannot cope with this on their own. ”Seehofer welcomed the construction of the border wall by Poland. “I also say that we need the structural security of the borders. We also have to publicly support the Poles. We cannot criticize them for protecting the EU’s external border with permissible means. “

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