Luisa Neubauer feels confirmed by Obama’s words

Former US President Barack Obama highlighted the commitment of German climate activist Luisa Neubauer at the World Climate Conference. Neubauer himself has now commented on the celebrity praise.

Glasgow – The German climate activist Luisa Neubauer sees the commitment of her organization Fridays for Future confirmed by the appearance of ex-US President Barack Obama at the world climate conference in Glasgow.

Obama had recognized in a “very respectful” way how successful the climate movement had been in the fight against global warming, said Neubauer after a conversation with Obama of the German press agency.

The former US president met with climate activists in a university building on Monday evening after his official speech at the climate conference in Glasgow. Neubauer was among them. Obama had mentioned the Germans by name in his speech at the climate conference and praised the commitment of the young people who take to the streets every week for more climate protection.

Neubauer: “I appreciate that”

Obama was “in a comfortable role” because he no longer had any political responsibility, said Neubauer. But he makes “a lot of it, and I appreciate that”.

However, the young woman found critical words with regard to the pledges of richer countries for climate protection and adaptation to the consequences of climate change in poorer countries: “It would be a start if, for example, countries like the USA would start making their promises to comply with. “Obama had already promised in 2009 that the industrialized countries would provide 100 billion dollars annually for this. “That won’t happen until 2023.”

When it comes to climate protection, there is still a big gap between what is promised and what is done, said Neubauer. For example, new oil and gas pipelines are being built in 89 countries.

Nevertheless, she does not want to draw a “black and white conclusion” of the climate conference. Civil engagement is “very powerful” and is becoming more and more powerful, explained Neubauer. It is now important that social pressure continues beyond the climate conference so that the promised measures are implemented. dpa

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