Mercadona personal with the FP title for jobs with salaries from 1,338 to 2,900 euros per month




Mercadona seeks personnel with degrees in vocational training cycles for jobs with salaries ranging from 1,338 to 2,900 euros per month. The supermarket chain has published new vacancies this November to fill positions of assistant maintenance technicians in its stores and logistics blocks; as well as communications computer technicians; and technicians of web development, automation and managed file transfer and change management tools.

Mercadona You need personnel with specific qualifications for these job offers aimed at candidates with a VET degree in the Community of Madrid, Catalonia, the Canary Islands and Galicia.

Salaries depend on the type of position and the contracts are in all cases of an indefinite nature. The company that presides Juan Roig closed last year with a workforce of more than 90,000 permanent employees and in 2021 it has continued to generate new jobs.

Maintenance assistants

offers jobs with a permanent contract for maintenance assistants with a starting salary of 1,338 euros per month. In November, the company published vacancies for these positions in the towns of Granadilla de Abona, Alcalá de Henares, Rubí, O Carballiño and Nigrán. Applicants must accredit minimum studies equivalent to a Middle Degree or Higher Degree Training Cycle in technical specialties related to machinery and installations.

Computer technicians

Mercadona Also this month posted new job offers for IT communications technician positions; and technicians of web development, automation and managed file transfer and change management tools. In these cases, a Higher Degree Training Cycle degree in Computer Science or Telecommunications is required, depending on the positions.

In these job offers, Mercadona It offers permanent contracts and a salary that starts at 22,904 euros gross per year with a projection of up to 34,770 (about 2,900 euros per month). In this case the jobs are available in the Valencian town of Paterna.

How to apply for one of the job offers

To be eligible for some of the latest job offers from Mercadona Applicants who meet the requirements must register in the job board on the company’s website. Once this procedure has been completed, the vacancies can be applied for.

Mercadona contacts the candidates through their profile and if they pass the first phase they are summoned for a face-to-face interview. The company also has the phone number 900 500 103and email [email protected] to answer questions specifically related to job offers.

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