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Aaron Piper It broke into our lives just over three years ago. Well, actually it does more, but it was then, in October 2018, when it became what it is today. Fourteen and a half million followers on Instagram They are not achieved just like that, unless you star in an international success like Elite. However, in contrast to Ander’s popularity is his musical career. The failure of Aaron Piper as a musician it’s going viral these days.

Two professional facets

He has always been an actor and a musician, or everything “always” that someone as young as him can be (he has 24 years). He was only 15 when he starred in a movie, Fifteen years and a day, and the main song, composed by him, was nominated for the Goya. Time has passed and Elite It has given him the definitive accolade to beat him as an actor, but his tour of Mexico has not obtained the same result. The networks have exploded against him.

His role as Ander in Elite has made him one of the icons of Generation Z.
His role as Ander in Elite has made him one of the icons of Generation Z. – Lagencia-Crush

Fierce criticism in the networks for his pasotismo

«Do you think you are an idiot? Remember that there are people who have “paid” to go to an Arón Piper concert “, comments @_pv_itsdavid_ on Twitter. It is just one of the many comments that can be found on the networks these days, after the actor who gives life to Ander went on tour in Mexico.

While some fans are crazy to see him, the general feeling is that he does nothing on stage. Another: «There were people who paid 5000 pesos to see Aron Piper smoke and touch his ****** in Mexico. “

Some of the (many) criticisms leveled against the actor and singer.
Some of the (many) criticisms leveled against the actor and singer. – Arón Piper’s Instagram

And why do they say that? Well, because, at least from what different users collect in as many videos, it seems that all he does is walk around and smoke. And feint with singing, but little else. Of course, and even though Elite It can be a platform to publicize their other side, people also get tired of posing and they are saying it to their faces: as an actor you are cool, but as a musician you spend three towns. Videos of people imitating him circulate on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

Film projects

Oblivious to criticism, he continues his two careers in parallel. While the fourth season of Elite continues to squeeze the success of
has two movies in the chapel, Once upon a time in Euskadi and Emperor Code, both with luxury cast, and already has concerts scheduled for next year. But with the attitude shown in Mexico on stage it doesn’t seem like music is going to feed him in the long run. That cockiness, surely, is left over.

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