Patient representative: Cross-country emergency transfers of corona patients will soon be necessary

The patient commissioner of the federal government expects that emergency transfers of corona sufferers will soon be necessary again.

Berlin – “In the meantime, patients are being relocated within their own federal state. I assume that the nationwide cloverleaf relocation is only a matter of time,” said Claudia Schmidtke of the newspapers of the Funke media group (Tuesday editions).

The term describes a logistic system for the cross-border distribution and care of corona patients from intensive care units. Schmidtke emphasized that the situation in the clinics was “now extremely critical, especially in the east and south of the country” in view of the increasingly scarce Covid 19 treatment places in the intensive care units.

With a view to the development of the pandemic, the decision to get vaccinated is no longer an individual decision, but a social one, said Schmidtke. “The vaccinated are now suffering from the corona pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

This also applies to the treatment of intensive care patients who have been vaccinated and suffer from a disease other than Covid-19. “I very much hope that there will be no social conflict between vaccinated and non-vaccinated patients,” said Schmidtke.

At the same time, she called on all employees in the nursing and health professions to get vaccinated. Members of these professional groups are also “called upon to fulfill their special responsibility not to endanger the people entrusted to them” even if they are not required to be vaccinated.


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