Pepita Vilallonga, the television seer who predicted the death of a client




«I don’t think you will make it to December». This was the devastating prediction that a woman suffering from depression found when she went to the television psychic’s office in 2016 Pepita Vilallonga. According to the victim, for a month she lived in a “state of panic” and disbursed up to 31,000 euros to pay for rituals that could prevent her imminent death and that of her pets. And, according to his story, the tarot reader would have assured him that it would not last “long” because they had cast an evil eye on him. In a difficult personal moment, the woman turned to Vilallonga’s office for help, and believes that she was scammed. For this reason, he asks for her eight years in prison,

so that “stop fooling people.”

The problem, according to the Prosecutor’s office, is that the possible victim can only credit a payment of 2,400 euros, in the concept of a ritual type “opens roads” – to attract health and prosperity. The rest, as the victim admitted yesterday during the trial in the Barcelona audience, were made in cash, and therefore you cannot credit them. In any case, the Public Ministry rejects that both the seer, her son and another collaborator, both defendants in the same case, deceived the complainant when she hired their services and does not consider that they took advantage of “any situation of vulnerability” of the same.

It was in December 2017 when the National Police arrested the television tarot reader who, on several DTT channels, presented himself as a “seer by birth” and a specialist in unveiling the future. In addition, it had an office on Calle Mallorca in the Catalan capital. In one of these appearances on the small screen, the alleged victim called the program to request a reading of the cards. It was then that the defendant’s cabinet predicted an imminent death: «You won’t last a week” O “you carry death on your back“Was what he had to hear. Faced with the fear instilled – and which she now understands to be unfounded -, the complainant went to the Vilallonga premises and agreed to undergo various rituals, for which she would have disbursed 31,000 euros in various payments, under the belief that “they were going to save her life.”

This was corroborated this Tuesday during the trial, where he resigned to recover the lost money, although the private prosecution maintains the jail request for prevent the bad arts of the tarot reader from claiming new victims. For her part, the defendant denies if she wants to know the affected person, and with that, having swindled her. The seer media went further and indicated that, far from feeling cheated, the client “was always very grateful” for what her collaborators had done for her. Instead, the woman explained that the desperate situation she went through during that time pushed her to seek answers in esotericism. What he found, instead, was the prediction of his own death. «My powers will change your life. I’ll wait for you”. That’s how it started Pepita Vilallonga one of his programs.

Precisely for this reason, because of the impact that the deception had on the life of the complainant, she claims that the woman who claims to guess the future of those who fatten her checking account with calls to 806 lines, enter prison. Difficult objective, since in 2018 the justice filed another case against the tarot reader – then accused of defrauding 300,000 euros from a client – considering that “whoever uses this type of services has to be aware that they can work or not, which will depend on your conviction and it is not for the criminal courts to assess the magical or esoteric beliefs of people”.

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