Poland / Belarus: Migrants storm the EU border – comment on the wave of refugees

  • Georg Anastasiadis

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While the situation on Europe’s eastern border is becoming increasingly critical, Germany is again showing a dubious figure. A comment by Georg Anastasiadis.

On Europe’s eastern border, the situation is becoming more untenable every day. The Belarusian autocrat Lukashenko, with the approval of his godfather Putin, puts thousands of migrants on the march against the EU. The cynical Minsk smugglers’ regime, which plays with people’s hopes and lives, is waging a hybrid war against Europe that the EU is in danger of losing. There is no strong European response to Minsk and no offer to Poland to help defend the border, but again just quarrels and discord. Brussels offers Poland support – but only with the “processing of asylum applications”. The haphazard EU is silent about which countries should take in the most migrants (probably Germany, which will be part of the green government in the future?) And who should take back rejected asylum seekers (e.g. Lukashenko?).

While the wave of migration flares up again, Merkel praises herself

We know this division of labor: some defend Europe’s borders, others their clear conscience. Germany is again particularly dubious. While the eastern EU partners have their backs to the wall in view of the Belarusian-Russian aggression, they have to listen to instructions from the Greens, empty diplomatic formulas from the German EU leader and self-praise from the Chancellor. “We did it,” says Angela Merkel, referring to the migration crisis. The pictures of the Polish eastern border speak a completely different language.

What the German citizens are experiencing is the same impending political chaos that, according to the promises of the Berlin government, should never happen again after 2015. And they experience the last defiant battle between two tired old warriors: Merkel, who insists that she has made it. And still Minister of the Interior Seehofer, who, as a lonely caller, calls for help for Poland in closing the border. It is typical that not even his own party leader Söder jumps to the side.


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