“Reality contestants shouldn’t have done television”



He made the serious face and the distance signs of identity that are still imitated, but Mónica Naranjo suffered inside with each infidelity of ‘The island of temptations’. Now he drags his poker face – “it’s the one I have” – ​​to ‘Love with surety’, the new ‘reality’ that Netflix premieres this Thursday and where it copes with the vagaries of relationships with the same integrity as in the Telecinco format, which the new program is so similar to.

«They see you as a fairy godmother and it is to tell them and teach them something that you say ‘oh my God, poor things’. I am very empathetic », says the singer. He left Telecinco in the first edition of the successful ‘reality’ because, as in music, “when you touch the sky, it is silly to do a second part.” Also because of “the economic issue, of course”, but he did not want to give up a format in which, beyond the rigidity that it transmits, it lends its shoulder in each new contingency.

In ‘Amor con bail’ there are idyllic villas, jealous couples and, instead of a tablet, a big screen. The problems, so complex, are the same again, and the ‘reality’ arises, again, to test the solidity of relationships that are shaking. The differences with the Telecinco program in which so much is watched are the ‘eye detect’ technique –a modern version of Conchita’s polygraph–, which couples, in addition to putting themselves to the test, compete to win the 100,000 euros of the prize and not they are familiar with the medium.

“Reality contestants should never have done television, because that is what makes a reality show authentic. A person who comes from the middle, no matter what he has done, is always offended. He knows what to say, how to pose, how to look, the dramas. They have it very planned ”, assures the hostess. In ‘Amor con bail’, however, all the couples entered “very innocent, expectant of what was going to happen. Everything caught their attention: the house, the statues, the vases, the catering… everything fascinated them. ». Until, as in any contest, love is put aside and only the boat matters, which is communal. «As in life, everything has a price. If you want, the truth adds and the lie subtracts », sums up Naranjo about the dynamics of the contest, the second ‘reality’ of Netflix Spain after ‘Insiders’.

Netflix’s El Dorado

After the historical or high school fictions and the ‘true crime’, the platform seems to have found its new Dorado in linear television, in which it is fixed and on which it innovates. The advantage is that “you can see it whenever you want, in one sitting, without ads or breaks, without waiting a week to see what happens.” “A ‘reality’ is the most entertaining thing in the world and from which you also learn,” says the singer, for whom it is not difficult for the viewer to be reflected in the six couples who participate.

Everyone has insecurities, they lie, suffer and betray trust, hence the double meaning of the title. Mónica Naranjo, in addition to auguring bad news, also lends her experience to analyze what happens to them, beyond their youth, divine treasure or endless well of gaffes. “We give a lot of importance to fidelity and little to loyalty”, reflects the hostess, for whom not all lies are the same. «To love means to give in and little is given; you have to give in, but little is heard and little is communicated for fear of arguments. Balanced discussions are good and reinforce the union and trust in a couple, “he says. Nobody knows it better than her, who has seen couples suffer, impassive, on Telecinco and on Netflix.

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