Rumors about Turkish Airlines: targeted smuggling of migrants to Belarus is not true

Turkish Airlines has denied media reports that the airline is targeting migrants from Turkey to Belarus.

Istanbul – “The news in the media is not true,” said Turkish Airlines on Tuesday. “Our company works with international authorities on flights around the world, taking into account all security sensitivities and carrying out its operations to this extent,” it said.

Previously, among other things, the “Bild” newspaper reported that Turkey was flying migrants into Belarus with the help of the semi-state Turkish Airlines in order to support the Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko. The Polish government and the EU accuse Lukashenko of allowing the migrants to be brought into the country in order to then smuggle them into the EU. Lukashenko himself, often criticized as the “last dictator of Europe”, announced that he would no longer stop people on their way to Europe – as a reaction to Western sanctions against Belarus. According to the flight schedule, Turkish Airlines flies to Belarus ten times a month. The airline currently has one or two direct flights to Minsk from Istanbul every day. The Belarusian airline Belavia also flies to Minsk from Istanbul up to twice a day. (dpa)

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