Sanidade does not rule out new measures in the face of the increase in Covid infections




Little by little, daily coronavirus infections have been climbing until reaching 798 active cases of the disease this Tuesday, 53 more than the previous day. Although the health scenario in the Galician Community continues to be one of the best in the country, with a positivity rate of 2.2 percent, the increase is not going unnoticed in the Department of Health. Your maximum responsible, Julio García Comesaña, showed his “concern” regarding the evolution of the virus, especially with an eye on data from Europe, where the contagion curve worsens.

To anticipate a hypothetical worsening of the situation coinciding with the coldest months of the year, the councilor announced that the clinical subcommittee will address this week —probably on Friday, although the date is not closed— possible solutions if the situation advises taking action. “It is complicated, we see what is happening in the rest of Spain and Europe and we do not like this trend that we are observing,” Comesaña noted about a meeting from which small modifications of the road map with which Galicia navigates to leave behind could be derived the health crisis. Putting the data in context, the councilor insisted that immunization is the most effective way to cancel the virus, and defended that Galicia’s bet is “vaccination.” In this sense, he stressed that that is why the Xunta has wanted to promote the use of the Covid certificate as one of the measures that, on the one hand, encourages vaccination and, on the other, offers an extra guarantee when required.

At the moment, the increase in infections is not noticeable in the healthcare pressure, which is holding at a minimum (39 hospitalized, a dozen of them in critical condition). However, the head of Sanidade used the popular proverb on Tuesday to defend that the ideal is to anticipate what may come. «From experience, it can change quickly … when you see your neighbor’s beard cut, put yours to soak“, let fall. Without wanting to insist more than necessary on what is expected for the next few weeks, the owner said that without having “the magic ball to know it, Galicia starts from a very good situation with respect to the rest of the State, but that is not why it is alien to the data of the rest of Europe ‘.

In addition, and consulted on the hospitality situation, Comesaña recalled that the decision of the Galician Government was to equip itself with a stable framework for the coming months and that this forecast is maintained. In any case, the protocol itself has a level of security that the Xunta can activate in the event of Covid outbreaks and that entail a reduction in capacity.

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