SED victim commissioner Evelyn Zupke praised the progress made

Dhe SED victim commissioner Evelyn Zupke welcomed the progress made in recent years, but at the same time called for further action to be taken to improve the victims of the SED dictatorship. This is particularly true “when it comes to health and the social situation of those affected,” said Zupke on the occasion of the handover of her first activity report to Bundestag President Bärbel Bas (SPD) on Tuesday. This was presented on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989.

The main focus of the report is to facilitate the recognition of consequential health damage, the social situation of SED victims as well as the establishment of a nationwide hardship fund and the further development of the commemorative landscape.

“Anyone who fought for freedom and self-determination in the SED dictatorship must not get sidelined in today’s democratic society,” said Zupke. Although the Bundestag had “decided on important improvements for the victims of the SED dictatorship” in the past few years, Zupke criticized that nine out of ten victims’ applications for the recognition of consequential health problems failed.

The reason is that those affected mostly fail to “prove the required causal connection between the experiences of repression and the current damage to health”. However, this did not give those formerly politically persecuted any access to the necessary support services. “Together we have to prevent the victims from failing because of the bureaucracy’s hurdles,” demanded the victim ombudsman.

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