Seehofer recreates life as a model railway – Merkel is also there

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer already has plans for his retirement. He wants to continue building his model railroad. Also there: Angela Merkel.

Berlin / Munich – A life after politics. For Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer * (CSU), retirement is on the way in quick steps. But it seems that the 72-year-old minister will not be left without a pastime. So he wants to devote himself more to a great hobby, model railways. That said the CSU politician to the Spiegel.

Seehofer has been building a model railway in the basement of his holiday home in Schamhaupten, Bavaria, for many years. However, this is not just any model, but the life of Seehofer. When asked why he had so much fun building this model railway, the outgoing minister said: “In the past I always unscrewed every Amiga computer because I wanted to understand how it works.” Nowadays most people don’t know what a circuit board is, some could not even mend a bicycle tire, so Seehofer. “With the railroad you have everything at once: you build with wood. They have to do with electrics. You can program. “

The outgoing Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer with his model railway in the holiday home cellar.

© Quirin Leppert / Der Spiegel

Seehofer recreates his life – Merkel is also in the model

The outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel also appears in Seehofer’s model, which completely fills the basement of the CSU * politician. In addition to himself, Merkel * – on a scale of 1:87 – is included, Seehofer reported to the Politik-Magazin. In total, he has three copies of the Chancellor, according to Seehofer.

In relaxed times, he places Merkel at the largest train station in Bonn. “Then she’s the head of the facility and I’m standing next to her,” he remarked. Bonn occupies an important place in Seehofer’s political life. Here he worked as a federal politician for 18 years. The station is the Schwarzburg station. This stands for the CSU, whose party chairman was Seehofer. But in less relaxed times, the Chancellor does not come to the train station, but to the windowsill, he revealed Spiegel.

Seehofer: “You can’t just switch off”

When asked whether his leisure activity was also a processing of political events and he could simply switch off, the CSU politician replied: “Just switch off is not possible, otherwise you will make mistakes. I’m recreating my life there. “

There are also moments of desperation, for example looking for the cause of a short circuit. But in spite of everything, according to Seehofer, he still enjoys his leisure project: “It was always my thing instead of vacation. Sometimes I sat there until it got light. You lose any idea of ​​time. ” (bb with material from dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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