Several organizations are calling for an annual climate conference to revise the plans and goals

In view of the accelerated global warming, environmental protection organizations are demanding that the around 200 states at the UN climate conference have to improve their climate protection plans annually instead of every five years – until the climate crisis is contained.

Glasgow – The process must be much faster, said the head of the Greenpeace delegation, Juan Pablo Osornio, on Monday in Glasgow, where the summit will take place until at least Friday. The Oxfam boss at COP26, Tracy Carty, agreed and said the ambition to protect the climate needs to be increased dramatically.

Carty also insisted on reparations payments from rich countries to poor countries for inevitable damage caused by the fatal consequences of global warming. As examples, she cited long-lasting droughts and tropical cyclones of unprecedented proportions. “In the poorest countries, the climate crisis is already a deadly reality,” she said. But the rich industrialized countries did not want to talk about compensation. Overall, the negotiations are still far from being achieved. There is still a long way to go so that the conference in Glasgow can be remembered positively.

Greenpeace’s Osornio said the world must say goodbye to coal, oil and gas quickly. “It is incomprehensible to me that in the 26 years that climate conferences have already been held, the word fossil fuels has never appeared in the texts. It’s like writing a book about losing weight, but not talking about eating in it. ” The UN conference with more than 30,000 delegates is due to end on Friday. Earlier summits have been extended several times. (dpa)

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