Sharp criticism of Johnson’s handling of the corruption scandal

The criticism of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s handling of the latest corruption scandals in his Conservative Party continues.

London – Conservative newspapers also accused Johnson of cowardice on Tuesday for not taking part in the parliamentary debate on Monday over the lobby affair of his party colleague Owen Paterson.

It was Johnson’s latest “pathetic misjudgment,” commented the Daily Mail. The prime minister harmed himself and his party completely unnecessarily by changing the rules in an autocratic and selfish way. «Just apologize for the chaos», demanded the «Daily Express».

Paterson should be suspended by parliament for 30 days for paid lobbying. But Johnson instructed the ruling faction to prevent the sentence and instead overturn the entire disciplinary process for MPs. After harsh criticism, Johnson made a U-turn and Paterson resigned. There are also allegations of corruption against the Tories because the party has made it possible for several major donors to have a seat in the House of Lords.

Johnson had defended his absence from Parliament. He was on appointments in the Northumberland region in the north of England, something that had been planned for a long time, said the prime minister. Among other things, Johnson visited a hospital – and immediately sparked new criticism. Because the head of government was seen in several photos without a mask, although a mask is still required in clinics. “No apology, no shame, no respect and no mask,” headlined the “Daily Mirror”. Justice Minister Dominic Raab defended his boss: Johnson had followed the corona rules, Raab told Times Radio. (dpa)

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