Social Dialogue, a value of Castilla y León



Castilla y León is a land of dialogue. It has been showing it many times and in many areas. In the institutional, for example, agreeing on all the reforms of our highest standard. In politics, with great agreements on essential community issues. And, in the socio-economic and labor sphere, especially through Social Dialogue.

A broad framework of agreement that, through an intense negotiating process and thanks to the commitment and generosity of all the parties that comprise it -Junta de Castilla y León, CCOO, UGT and CEOE Castilla y León- to put common interests before our own, allows us to reach basic agreements for all Castilians and Leonese.

Today no one doubts that Social Dialogue constitutes one of the main hallmarks of Castilla y León, something that places us among the most advanced societies in Europe. In fact, the ILO itself qualifies our Social Dialogue as first level, the maximum possible, becoming one of the main tools of participatory democracy.

Tool that we have built, together, especially during the last 20 years and that today is in top form, expressing all its strength.

From some important previous experiences, on November 9, 2001, the Junta de Castilla y León, the trade union organizations CCOO and UGT and the business CECALE, now CEOE Castilla y León, signed the Agreement to promote Social Dialogue in Castilla y León .

It pointed out the convenience of “establishing a stable and defined meeting and exhibition framework where the most representative social agents of the Autonomous Community and its Administration can debate and propose actions in areas of such undoubted importance for our economic and social progress. such as those related to employment and labor integration, social and environmental policies as well as policies of special incidence on the population, without forgetting the necessary process of modernization of the Administration of the Autonomous Community that must lead to an improvement in the quality of their public services.

Framework to which we wanted to provide the maximum regulatory rank, incorporating it into our Statute of Autonomy with the consideration of the guiding principle and specifying it with Law 8/2008 creating the Council for Social Dialogue and regulation of institutional participation.

Castilla y León was thus the pioneer Community in recognizing and promoting Social Dialogue in its own institutional structure, serving as a model for other Communities that later followed this same path.

Likewise, this Social Dialogue has been spreading within our territory and today the local Castilian and Leonese entities with a population of over 20,000 inhabitants and Provincial Councils have established specific participatory procedures through the Local and Provincial Social Dialogue Councils.

In our Community, both your government and your most representative union and business organizations assume with full conviction the need to reach broad agreements for the benefit of the people. That is why we conceive Social Dialogue based on commitment and responsibility, reasons that, among others, can explain its success.

From the respect to the approaches of all the participants in it. With enough generosity to, even thinking differently, give in to their own claims in favor of consensus and the general interest of all Castilians and Leonese. And finally, assuming the necessary co-responsibility to develop, also among all, the agreed actions.

But if there is something that characterizes the Social Dialogue of Castilla y León in a special way, it is its broad effectiveness. It has never remained in declarations of good wishes, but has always been translated into facts.

Thus, the more than 100 Agreements reached throughout these two decades have involved a broad body of regulations for their execution,

Many of them, moreover, have resulted in laws that our Statute includes as citizens’ rights or as guiding principles. This is the case of the Law of Guaranteed Citizenship Income, the Law of Social Services and Attention to Dependency, the Law of the Public Employment Service, the Law of the Right to Housing, the Law of Organization and Operation of the Network of Protection of People and Families in situations of greater social or economic vulnerability in Castilla y León, the Law of urgent measures in the matter of Housing or the Law of conciliation of personal, family and work life and the elimination of the gender wage gap in Castile and Leon.

Along with this, they have committed significant amounts of the Community Budgets. Suffice it to point out that executing the eleven Agreements signed so far in the Legislature -which represent, by the way, a particularly intense activity, responding to current needs- implies resources that are close to 1,000 million euros.

Although, logically, the majority contents of the Social Dialogue Agreements have focused on the labor and economic sphere, the truth is that they have also addressed very sensitive social issues, such as employment, training, occupational health, social rights, industry and competitiveness, immigration, the fight against gender violence, the reconciliation of work and family life, housing, the environment …

In addition, the serious socio-economic consequences caused by the Covid-19 pandemic required prompt and necessary measures to protect families, workers and companies, many of them also channeled through Social Dialogue through two important specific Agreements, for which the Junta de Castilla y León contributes more than 300 million euros.

For all the above, we can affirm without hesitation that, over the past 20 years, Social Dialogue has been an extraordinarily useful tool for Castilla y León.

That it has served to promote employment and labor insertion of workers, to boost our economic development and our competitiveness, to increase the quality of services or to favor our rural world by improving the living conditions of its inhabitants and, with it, fight depopulation,

And that he has also shown a special sensitivity to the most disadvantaged people and a remarkable agility in the face of such painful and urgent circumstances as the health pandemic. Likewise, this consolidated Social Dialogue, by generating a climate of understanding and search for agreed solutions, sends a clear message of stability to our society.

It is, therefore, we must insist on it, a hallmark of Castilla y León, which is a reference for many. A resilient own value and a firm commitment to the future that, among all, the Board, unions and businessmen, we will continue to consolidate and strengthen, as an essential institution for our Community at the service and within the reach of all Castilians and Leonese.

Alfonso Fernández Manueco, President of the Junta de Castilla y León

Santiago Aparicio Jimenez, President of CEOE Castilla y León

Vicente Andrés Granado, Secretary General of CCOO Castilla y León

Early Faustino Vergara, Secretary General of UGT Castilla y León

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