Talavera recovers the ‘Q’ for tourist quality with “outstanding”




Talavera de la Reina has recovered the ‘Q’ for tourist quality in the present legislature. A mention granted by the Institute of Tourism Quality after the annual audit of the Talavera Tourism Office and which has concluded with the renewal of this distinction with a Outstanding note”, as acknowledged yesterday by Mayor Tita García Élez.

The councilor explained that a score of 9.5 out of 10 has been obtained, which shows that the provision of the tourist service is of “excellence”, recalling that the previous assessment was 8.9. This recognition serves to stimulate work and continue in the same line, while demonstrating the commitment of the Government team as the “backbone of growth and employment policies”, in which progress is being made little by little “, highlighted before the media and with the presence of the Councilor for Tourism, Crafts and Commerce, María Jesús Pérez.

In this sense, García Élez thanked the dedication and daily work of the office workers, as well as the actions taken by the local executive through the Department of Tourism, to achieve such a positive assessment from the public who visit the office in aspects such as: customer satisfaction, resources, training actions, improvement plan, good environmental practices plan, location, schedules, contacts, customer service, information transferred, communication and promotion, human resources, infrastructure, installation and equipment or technologies of communication.

The mayor trusted in the margin of improvement that the Office still has and towards which it will walk hand in hand with the tourist policies that are going to be incorporated, always “treating the tourist as if he were another person from here”, but with the addition of having chosen us as an inland tourist destination.

The Talavera Tourist Office opened its doors in December 2019, after years of “dimes and diretes”, stressed the first mayor. It was with the arrival of the Government of Tita García Élez that a “decisive bet” was made on this office and for the building to function with the “purpose for which it had been conceived” from the beginning.

More than 20,000 visitors

This year more than 15,000 people have passed, although the data of global visitors, taking into account those who do it in a private capacity, exceeds 20,000 people. These figures are also supported by the hotels in the city, where visitors spend the night, and which have also pointed to “sport as a generator of tourism, an engine of economic growth and employment,” he summarized.

In 2021 another quality step has also been taken in the field of tourism, and that is that Talavera has joined the Smart Tourist Destinations Network (DTI), to which all the work focused on achieving a city, every day, more attractive and more complete in the field of inland tourism has contributed.

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