Technology and automaker Rolls-Royce wants to develop mini nuclear power plant

The British technology group Rolls-Royce wants to develop mini nuclear power plants and thus contribute to climate protection.

London – This was announced by the company, whose automotive division of the same name is now part of BMW, on Tuesday. Investments of 195 million pounds (around 228 million euros) are planned for the program known as SMR (Small Modular Reactor), according to a statement. In addition, there are funds from a state fund for green energies of 210 million pounds (around 246 million euros).

“With the Rolls-Royce SMR technology we have developed a clean energy solution (…),” said Rolls-Royce boss Warren East according to the announcement. The company estimates that the program could create 40,000 new jobs in the UK. The economically remote north of the country should benefit from this in particular. One of the mini-power plants, about two soccer fields in size, will produce energy for about one million households, the statement said. According to Rolls-Royce estimates, it will take another decade or so before that happens. While British Economy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng praised the plans, they were criticized by environmentalists. A new conventional nuclear power plant with two reactors is currently being built in the UK at Hinkley Point. Another is planned. According to the BBC, about a fifth of the electricity generated in the UK currently comes from nuclear power plants. (dpa)

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