The 10 activating agents of Equality already work in 37 towns




The first program of the II Gender Equality Strategy of the Toledo Provincial Council, approved by the plenary session of the institution in the month of September, has begun this week with the incorporation of the 10 agents promoting Equality, who develop their work in 37 towns in the province from Toledo, reaching a population of 75,000 inhabitants.

This gives continuity to the firm commitment of the provincial government team to a strategy that was pioneered in 2016 in defense of equality between men and women to achieve a society of equals. It begins its second stage protected by its two backbones, which are the fight against gender violence and gender mainstreaming.

The agents held this Tuesday, before joining their destinations, a meeting with the Vice President of Education, Culture, Equality and Social Welfare, Ana Gómez, and the provincial delegate of the Ministry of Equality, Nuria Cogolludo, who conveyed to them the importance of their work and the commitment of the provincial government to promote gender equality and fight against violence against women with the aim of eradicating it from our society.

The professionals, nine women and one man, have received a training course by the Castilla-La Mancha Women’s Institute, which collaborates with the
Provincial Council of Toledo
in a strategy promoted to implement education in equality, social awareness, the eradication of violence against women, female empowerment, and the reduction of existing inequalities in the rural world.

The Equality Dynamizing Agents program, which will be active until April 30, 2022, is divided into new basic areas of action, reaching the localities of Alameda de la Sagra, Alcabón, Alcolea de Tajo, Almorox, Borox, Burguillos, Cabezamesada, La Calzada de Oropesa, Carmena, Chueca, Cobisa, Escalona, ​​Esquivias, La Guardia and Huecas.

Also in Lagartera, Layos, Maqueda, Mascaraque, Méntrida, Nambroca, Los Navalmorales, Los Navalucillos, Nombela, Orgaz, Espinoso del Rey, Quero, Santa Ana de Pusa, Santo Domingo Caudilla, Tembleque, El Toboso, Turleque, Velada, Villa de Don Fadrique , Villanueva de Alcardete, Villarrubia de Santiago, Villatobas.

Nine headers

Nine towns will act as headwaters, from where the agents will travel to the rest of the municipalities that are included in their scope of action. Equality dynamic agents will be in charge of working directly with associations and city councils, supporting them at a conceptual or theoretical level on equality. At the same time, they will develop talks, workshops, debates, exhibitions, video forums and a long list of proposals, making them directly at the community level such as associations of women, the elderly, Ampas, the educational community and city councils.

It is about influencing the development of actions to prevent gender violence, the need to develop equality policies between men and women, and committing to transversality, so that equality is effective in all areas of the rural world. By the end of this fourth program of Equality Encouraging Agents, which is in its fourth edition, more than 150 municipalities will have been reached out of the 180 under 5,000 inhabitants of the province, and intervened in a target population of around 300,000 people.

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