The ADDA celebrates its tenth anniversary with the opera “Carmen” and a cast of more than 150 artists




The ADDA will premiere next week the opera «Carmen», a pioneering work expressly created and designed for the Alicante Provincial Council Auditorium which has become the largest own production in its history. One of the most recognized stage directors on the international scene, Emilio Sagi, is at the forefront of this project together with ADDA · Simfònica and its director Josep Vicent.

The vice president and deputy, Julia Parra, has highlighted “as in all large auditoriums, we want the ADDA to also be able to enjoy opera and, on this occasion, a great work has been chosen, Carmen, by George Bizet, with which we also want to celebrate in a special way the tenth anniversary of its creation ».

The head of Culture has pointed out that “this representation marks a before and after due to its importance from the cultural point of view and because it begins a new line of work of great complexity and projection.” Julia Parra has promised to promote the incorporation of the operatic genre into the auditorium’s programming, giving it continuity in future years, and has announced that the possibility of representing this great production in other places is being considered.

For his part, the artistic director of ADDA, Josep Vicent, has confirmed that the work that opens next week is “one of the first major productions in the world designed for an audience, a space that a priori does not have everything you need.” This pioneering adaptation confirms, in his opinion, that «we are doing something innovative, minimalist and at the same time maximalist putting all the disciplines in collaboration ».


Also Sagi has rated as a challenge the adaptation of the performance to a new environment and has indicated the interest aroused in the operatic world, with great expectations placed on the premiere of a work that he has described as the only one that could be reproduced on other stages. «It is interesting to do an opera in an auditorium. It had never been done and that made me rethink it and we launched into a wonderful job.

The stage director has praised the work that the entire cast is doing, especially the role of Alicante choirs who participate in the representation and ADDA · Symphonic, a formation about which he has assured that “it is among the greats in the country, if not the best.”

Presentation of the opera «Carmen» at the ADDA, this Tuesday
Presentation of the opera «Carmen» at the ADDA, this Tuesday – ABC

The main characters in Bizet’s masterpiece, inspired by 19th century Spanish culture, have been carefully assigned in keeping with the musical and stage direction. It is a confluence of voices of recognized national prestige, led by the Crevillentina Sandra Ferrández, in the role of Carmen, and by the Madrilenian Joel Prieto (Don José), who have participated this morning in the presentation of the opera. In addition, they will be accompanied on stage by Beatriz Díaz (Micaela), Simón Orfila (Escamillo), Luca Espinosa (Frasquita), Marifé Nogales (Mercedes), Felipe Bou (Zúñiga), Enric Martínez-Castignani (Morales), Alfonso Mújica (Doncaire) , Gerardo López (Remendado) and Francisco Guerrero (Dancer).

Alicante artists

ADDA · Simfònica is another of the pillars of this project, which started a year ago with a meticulous selection of the more than 150 Spanish and Alicante artists that make up the cast. The choir of voices is made up of groups from all over the province: the Orfeón Crevillentino, the Choir of the Principal Theater of Alicante and the Compañía Lírica Alicantina, as well as children from the Escola de la Federació Coral de Crevillent.

The deputy has encouraged the people of Alicante to enjoy this «great work, at the height of the best performances. It is a great occasion to see one of the great operas of all time here, in the auditorium of the Provincial Council ».

The screenings will take place at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday 17, Friday 19 and Sunday 21 November, and sales have already been completed for the three sessions with the acquisition of practically 90 percent of the capacity of the symphony hall. of the auditorium, whose capacity is 1,200 people.

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