The Costa Blanca displays its culinary potential with 15 Michelin stars in Mediterránea Gastrónoma 2021




The Tourist Board White shore participate these days in Valencia at the fair Mediterranean Gastronomic 2021 with the aim of showing all the culinary potential of the province, with special attention to emerging talent. With 15 Michelin Stars Spread over 11 establishments, the Costa Blanca has positioned itself on the world gastronomic scene as one of the territories in which traditional cuisine meets signature or avant-garde cuisine.

The contest dedicated the day this Monday to the province of Alicante with the ‘Day of the Costa Blanca’, in which leading chefs from Alicante prepared a special menu “to demonstrate the gastronomic excellence of a province that is also committed to the young talents, called to be renowned figures in the near future “, has pointed out the director of the autonomous body of the Diputación de Alicante, Jose Mancebo.

Under the name ‘Emerging Talents of the Costa Blanca’, the province’s chefs prepared two dishes to offer diners an experience of unique flavors. The young bastards Alba Esteve (Alba Restaurant in Alicante), Penalva yolk (Restobar Gem Penalva de Alicante), Josep Palomares (Xiri de Monóvar Restaurant), and Salvador Llinares (Sorell Restaurant in Alicante), were in charge of carrying out this lunch that was offered by the Provincial Tourist Board to journalists, destination prescribers, general media and specialized press.

Mancebo has highlighted that gastronomy «is one of the most identifying elements of our land and one of the reasons why thousands of people choose us every year to spend their vacations or enjoy a getaway, such as perfect complement to the offer of sun and beach and indoor».

During the contest, which started on Sunday, November 7, Costa Blanca has carried out a full range of gastronomic activities such as workshops, lectures, tastings and show cooking.

identifying element

According to the director of the entity, «the Provincial Board has bet in recent years for the gastronomy product as one of the elements that most identify the province worldwide. Our chefs are the best ambassadors of Alicante cuisine, since with their work, innovation, dedication and entrepreneurship they have placed the Costa Blanca in the focus of the most prestigious European gastronomic critics ».

«We know that the gastronomy plays a key role in motivating tourists when choosing a destination. Gastronomic tourism is becoming a booming phenomenon that marks the new strategies of the sector and in the province we have a great variety of dishes and own products, within the famous Mediterranean diet», Has specified the director of the Board of Trustees.

The presence of the Costa Blanca at this fair has not only focused on highlighting the work of great chefs from the province such as Susi Díaz, Quique Dacosta, Juan Moll, Aurora Torres, José Manuel Miguel, Cristian Figueira, Evarist Miralles, José Manuel López or Jorge Moreno, among others, but also in the variety and quality of traditional products and Alicante wines.

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