The Czech Republic is starting a new shock campaign: This is how vaccination opponents should be convinced

With a new shock campaign, the Czech Republic wants to induce anti-corona vaccination opponents to rethink.

Prague – The advertising campaign started on Tuesday, as the Ministry of Health in Prague confirmed on request. For example, one picture shows a dead man being placed in a blue body bag in an intensive care unit. This is accompanied by the text: “He had many excuses.” Another photo shows a coffin, next to it the sentence: “She postponed the vaccination again and again”.

The outgoing Prime Minister Andrej Babis spoke in advance of a “brutal campaign”, which was inspired by the chilling images and warnings on cigarette packets. It should be real recordings from hospitals. So far, the Ministry of Health has relied on positive motivation – with the slogan “We’re making a point behind the coronavirus”.

So far, only 6.1 million of the approximately 10.7 million inhabitants of the country have been fully vaccinated. The Czech Republic is struggling with the sharp rise in the number of corona infections. According to current data, 514 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants were registered within seven days. Since the pandemic began more than a year and a half ago, there have been more than 31,000 deaths in connection with a corona infection in the EU member state. (dpa)

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