The EPP will not participate in the EU mission in Venezuela to “not whitewash” the Maduro regime




After the controversy that the decision of the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy has provoked, Josep Borrell, to send a mission of the European Parliament to observe the regional elections that will take place on November 21 in Venezuela, the European People’s Party announced on Tuesday its decision to dissociate itself from said mission.

The EPP, which for the first time will not participate in a mission of this nature, argues its decision stating, in a statement, that said elections “will inevitably be used to validate the regime of Nicolás Maduro, which continues to systematically violate the human rights of the Venezuelan people. It is the first time that the PPE Group has not participated in such a mission.

“The EPP group does not want to contribute with its presence so that the EU mission could be interpreted as a whitewashing of the cruel regime that has seized power in Venezuela, and which has been condemned on numerous occasions by the European Parliament, which also does not recognize the bodies that have arisen from the fraudulent electoral processes held in Venezuela in recent years “, the president of the PPE Group assured. Manfred Weber, and the PP spokesperson in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat.

They emphasize, in turn, that these elections “will be neither free nor transparent”, since they are held in a context in which there are numerous political prisoners, many of the possible candidates disqualified or exiled, in addition to five million Venezuelans who have been forced to leave their country “due to the authoritarian and dictatorial drift of the regime, and that they will also be deprived of their right to vote ”. They also recall that in Venezuela there is no freedom of the press “but the exclusive monopoly of the media and the most absolute censorship by the ruling party, without respecting the minimum basic standards of the rule of law,” as the report itself has underlined. of the EU technical mission.

In the statement, Weber and Montserrat also refer to the investigation recently opened by the International Criminal Court against the Maduro regime “as responsible for very serious crimes against humanity.” Added to this is the suspension of the talks that the opposition and the delegation sent by Maduro had been holding in Mexico, in response to the extradition to the United States of Alex Saab, alleged front man of the Chavista leader.

Criticisms of Borrell

Likewise, in the text they criticize the High Representative, considering that the sending of an EU mission to these elections “contradicts the recommendation of the diplomatic service headed by Josep Borrell, which has ignored the conclusions of the report in this regard.” «The only person responsible for deterioration of the image of the EU and the validation of the regime’s behavior will be Mr. Borrell “, they point out, before recalling that Borrell has refused to appear in the European Parliament on this matter.

Weber and Montserrat conclude the statement by underlining that the PPE group has decided “not to be an accomplice” of the whitewashing that is intended to be carried out and that it will always position itself “alongside the Venezuelan people, who want to free themselves from that regime of terror and oppressor that has impoverished and impoverished them. forced a good part of Venezuelans to go into exile.

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