The federal government tries to encourage students to set up their own business with an online program

With an online program, the federal government wants to inspire students to start a business.

Berlin – The initiative called “Makers of Tomorrow” (roughly: Makers of Tomorrow) started on November 1st and, according to government sources on Tuesday, already had around 900 registrations from almost 80 universities. Founders from Germany and the American technology stronghold Silicon Valley report on their experiences in ten digitally available modules and give practical tips for the conception and founding of their own start-up. Lectures at several universities are also planned. The program is initially planned to run until February 28, 2022 and is said to cost around 200,000 euros. The next federal government has to decide whether it wants to continue.

The offer is specifically aimed at students beyond economics and computer science. It is about inspiring and encouraging students of all disciplines, said Stephanie Kaiser, who as a member of the digital council advises the outgoing federal government and, as a humanities scholar, has herself founded a company for the health industry. “No prior knowledge required.” In Germany it was mainly economists who founded companies, but it was important to expand this group. The program should be «a little nudge towards implementation». When she finished her studies in the early 2000s, she lacked the “imagination” and role models for starting her own company, explained Eva-Maria Meijnen, who reports on her experiences in the course. She worked for a decade for large technology companies and now for a young company that sells dental splints. (dpa)

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