The Government will invest 5.3 million in the four High Performance Centers in Castilla y León




Castilla y León will receive a game of 5.3 million euros from the General State Budgets (PGE) for the optimization and modernization of sports infrastructures of the Community, as announced by the Government delegate in Castilla y León, Virginia Barcones.

Barcones visited the facilities of the León High Performance Sports Center on Tuesday, one of the objectives of this game, in which she was accompanied by the mayor of León, José Antonio Díez, and the president of the León Provincial Council, Eduardo Moran.

This game is part of the Transition line Ecological of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and will be used entirely to renovate facilities of the High Performance and Sports Technification Centers.

Barcones has emphasized that «It is about promoting the adaptation of these facilities to the new socio-economic reality through the processes of digital transformation and ecological transition that are necessary for its modernization ”.

Specifically, the actions to be carried out are part of the project ‘Modernization of High Performance Centers: Plan Energía Deporte 2.0’, which includes various actions aimed at replacement of the current energies used in their operation by others with lower polluting emissions, as well as the renewal of equipment to obtain maximum energy efficiency from each of the systems they have.

Likewise, he has stated that these important investments in sports centers will turn them into «More functional, more modern, more digital and advanced, and with more capacity to meet the needs of our athletes.

The High Performance Sports Center of León will also enjoy another investment of 7.5 million from of the European Recovery Funds, announced a few weeks ago by the president of the Higher Sports Council, José Manuel Franco, during his visit to these same facilities.

Women and sport in the CAR

The Government delegate has referred during her visit to the fact that «The León High Performance Center has a majority of women among its users» and he recalled that “one of the priorities of the Higher Sports Council is precisely to facilitate the access and promotion of women in competitive sports, favoring their incorporation and sports and social recognition in high performance and enabling the reconciliation of their academic training, personal and professional development ».

Similarly, he has pointed out that the MAnifesto for Equality and Participation of women in sport signed by the CSD «Encourages promoting the use of coeducational strategies in schools and sports, ensure training with a gender perspective for professionals in physical activity and sport, promote research on women and sport in order to support effective equality policies and encourage sponsors to support women’s sport, among other proposals, with the aim of achieving the advancement of women in this discipline ”.

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