The Mexican champion who lives in a shack



Nothing in the life of Sofia Ramos Rodríguez it has been easy. He did not even opt for athletics, since he enjoyed other sports so much, such as gymnastics, that it was difficult for him to bet on just one. Still, that was the least of his worries, forced to fight for her future since she was a child.

To get to his house, in the illegal settlement of the ‘July 17th’, you have to overcome many obstacles. Near the airport plane graveyard Mexico CityNext to the train tracks, there is a neighborhood with a handful of shacks made of sheet metal and cardboard. Inside, the rooms are distinguished by curtains and the cold creeps in from every corner. There is no running water or electricity, but Sofía lives in one of them with her parents and from there he has been able to reach the roof of the world march, gold in the 10-kilometer march of the last U-20 World Cup that confirms him as one of the great promises of Mexican sport.

To be able to dispute the championship, Ramos had to put part of his sportswear on sale and make sweets that he later sold in the market. All with the aim of being able to travel to Nairobi, where last summer she was proclaimed the U-20 world champion. Now, with that medal around her neck, the sports brand Nike He has made a contract that ensures that he will not spend any more penalties in this regard.

In the neighborhood everyone knows what Sofia’s house is, the “girl on TV” already seen sometimes running in a ‘strange’ way. This is how his neighbors rate the athletic modality in which Ramos is a celebrity.

Sofía and her sister Frida started doing sports almost at once. One imitating the other, with their mother always cheering them on. The precarious economic situation in the family made it difficult to release sneakers or sportswear, but his mother always managed so that they could have the best possible material.

Everyone in the Ramos Rodríguez family has always leaned in to bring food home. The father selling fruit on the street, the mother making food for the airport policemen and the girls selling sweets in the markets. Whatever it took to help. Always with a smile on his face, just like when a test ends.

At age 14, Sofía and her sister were invited to train at the country’s high performance center. An honor for them that forced them to leave the house at 4 in the morning. Yet another sacrifice. Walking at night, among garbage and rubbish to travel for a long hour and train with the best. There were not all facilities either, not even when she entered as an intern, with what that meant in time and food at home.

Shortly before going to the U20 World Cup, her coach told Sofía that there was no budget for the trip. Another blow. Then his mother, Patricia, took the reins, in charge of finding money under the stones to pay for the plane ticket. Everyone in and around the neighborhood helped and everyone felt Sofia’s gold was theirs. This is how the legend of Ramos Rodríguez, whose dream is to get to Paris 2024 and reach the podium at the Games.

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