The posing of Ayuso and Almeida in the Almudena does not stop the internal pulse in the PP

Crowds around the esplanade of the Almudena Cathedral, a morning of radiant sun and dozens of media expectations. The setting was yesterday, the day of celebration of the Madrilenian patron saint, the Virgen de la Almudena, ideal for a reunion between friends in front of hundreds of witnesses. This was the hug, with light and stenographers, from the regional president, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, and the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida: photographed and broadcast live, viewed down to the smallest detail. Reflection of a harmony that really exists between the two politicians, but that did not mean yesterday more than a festive truce in an internal conflict in the PP that is still open on the channel


This was reflected in the words of both: the mayor was the first to arrive and to speak, and he did so to distance himself from any clash with Ayuso, ensuring that he had “no fear” that their relationships would resemble those of Cain and Abel. “There are other parables and characters more adapted to her and me.” He didn’t say which ones, though he did advise “journalists” to apply the parable of the good Samaritan.

Together in the difficult

The mayor of Madrid assured that he had contacted that same morning with the president of Madrid, “of such good vibes that we do not have blocked each other”, unlike what happened with Díaz Ayuso and the secretary general of the popular, Teodoro García Egea, the wall against which the aspirations of Madrid’s politics to preside over his party in the region are colliding.

Both, García Egea and Ayuso, will coincide by the way next weekend in the Castilian-La Mancha congress, although it is difficult to anticipate if then there will also be a photo in common.

The meeting between Díaz Ayuso and Martínez-Almeida met all expectations: hugs, smiles and informal conversation while they were photographed. After, it was the turn of the president’s words -silenced despite herself for ten long minutes by the ringing of the cathedral bells-: she stressed that she and the mayor had worked together at the head of their institutions “in the most difficult times in Madrid”, something that citizens are valuing , which “are increasingly represented” by them. Something that shows in the polls, he insisted.

For this reason, the tandem formed by both politicians has become “a team that everyone sees as a true alternative for Spain,” said the president. That is just what she wants, to continue as she has done so far “giving the party large majorities,” he insisted.

And there he got to the heart of the matter: her desire to be president of the PP in Madrid and be elected in a congress to be held as soon as possible. Requests, both, that the national leadership of his party wants to stop. For now the debate is open on the date of this meeting with the militancy, which in the surroundings of Díaz Ayuso they want to take place in the first quarter of next year, and in the national leadership of the PP they prefer to leave until the end of the congressional processes, around the summer of 2022.

“Legitimate aspiration”

Mayor Martínez-Almeida took a position: “May the congress be held when it is due.” The president did the same: “let it be when the national leadership decides, but I would like it to be soon, because I think it is better for everyone.”

In any case, he does not budge an inch from his desire to introduce himself; “He wants the same thing that Alberto Núñez Feijóo -president of the Galician PP- and Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla -president of the Andalusian PP- already have.” The same thing they had before her Esperanza Aguirre and Cristina Cifuentes. «It is his legitimate aspiration; it is not something anomalous “, they point out in their team, where they insist that in this scheme” Almeida “will have his role”

That is why Ayuso insisted yesterday that, when the time comes, he will take the step of introducing himself “With joy, enthusiasm, and seeking to unite my house and bring it to a large majority”. Because “everything that is not uniting will be to the detriment of citizens, who look at us with illusion.”

He acknowledges that these days of conflict are being difficult: “The situation is clearly complicated”, but Díaz Ayuso prefers to think that this is “something that always happens around congresses.” She is convinced that “it will end well”, But for that to happen “we all have to give in, to understand each other.” In any case, she warns, for those who accuse her of excessive prominence, that “I’m not looking for hyper-leadership; I’ve always avoided it.

The president-mayor tandem is “a team that everyone sees as a true alternative for Spain”

There was still time for another message, with many readings: it came from the mayor, at the time of renewing the vote of the Villa to the Virgen de la Almudena. He asked her good things for the people of Madrid, but he also made a demand for those who govern: that he remind everyone, including him, of the advice of Jesus Christ: “If anyone wants to be first, be last of all, and the servant of all ».

Ayuso and Almeida still had another time to talk, while they waited for the start of the procession of the Virgin, and less aware of the cameras. They were seen more serious, but animated, close, friends as they have always been. That what time has united, a congress does not separate.

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