The Síndic de Greuges assumes the complaint of delays of two years and a thousand patients on the waiting list in Alcoy




The Ombudsman has echoed the complaints of the health personnel and the Regional Coordinator of Pensioners of l’Alcoià-Comtat by the lack of human resources in the department of Alcoy Health. Among other obvious indicators, there are a thousand patients on waiting lists and delays of more than two years for medical care in some cases.

The oncologist and spokesperson for the group of professionals who carry out these protests, Alfredo Rizo, has assured in statements to Europa Press that the “reduction” in staff already causes waiting lists “to last for years in some specialties” and that primary care centers “are collapsed”, which causes them to be reduced to “few minutes” per patient.

Thus, he has pointed out that among some of the deficiencies, in Alcoi there are six anesthetists for every 100,000 inhabitants, which causes the operating rooms are working at 50% because they are closed; and in general surgery there are 1,000 patients on the waiting list but for malignant tumor surgery it takes two and a half years, so care has to be outsourced “, he explained.

He also stressed that there are doctors who have been “forced” to double guards to lighten the lists and has valued that the Catalan Ombudsman’s complaint represents that there is “a inequity»Health due to the problems of care suffered by the Alcoy hospital, a situation that he has called” regrettable “and that” is not due to the effects of the pandemic. “

For all this, he has indicated that the group has called a demonstration for Saturday to protest and ask for “immediate” solutions to the care problems that are generated in the department due to the lack of professionals.

Ex officio complaint

Before this situation, the Regional Ombudsman has opened a ex officio complaint due to the urgent need for resources, mainly in the Virgen de los Lirios Hospital, after the complaints received from individuals and professionals about this “general lack” of toilets in the area.

In this way, the Ministry of Health will receive in the next few days the resolution issued by the consulting body, as confirmed by Europa Press. Likewise, the Alcoi doctors platform has convened for next saturday oneconcentration in the Plaza de España to protest the “unsustainable deficit” suffered by public facilities in the region in terms of personnel, a scenario that “is not applicable” to the pandemic and is due to the lack of specialists.

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