There were seven victims of sexist violence and more sexual assaults in Castilla-La Mancha in 2020



Seven women (René Ivone, Olga, Liliana, Teresa, Juliana, Nancy Paola and Maria Dolores) were murdered in 2020 at the hands of their partners or ex-partners, in what was a “black” year in terms of sexist violence in Castilla-La Mancha. In addition, sexual assaults and the number of calls to the permanent helpline increased. That is the summary of the report on the Law for a Society Free of Gender Violence, which was presented this Tuesday by Pilar Callado, director of the Regional Women’s Institute, in the Parliament of Castilla-La Mancha. Callado has not been able to avoid tears when mentioning the victims.

Despite the pandemic, the Reception Resource Network served 280 women and 243 minors last year. Meanwhile, the 84 women’s centers in the region attended 114,665 consultations, of which 25,298 were related to sexist violence (22 percent). Regarding the permanent helpline (the number 900 100 114 is free), it was “essential during the worst months of 2020” and registered 7,181 calls (9.55 percent more). To this must be added another 2,702 calls registered by telephone 016 and which came from the autonomous community; and 3,530 more from the Service of Attention and Coordination of Urgencies and Emergencies 112 that were related to gender violence.

Callado has acknowledged not having reliable data on cases of gender violence, although it seems clear that the victims “feel more supported and take a step when it comes to contacting a professional to try to solve their problem.”

Likewise, the director of the Institute for Women has referred to the psychological care program for minors victims of gender violence, which last year attended to 247 children (63 more than in 2019). And to the Contigo Program, a free psychological assistance service for women over 18 years of age who are victims of sexual assault and / or abuse outside the scope of the couple that cared for 88 women (this year there are already 99). Protection was also provided to 915 women with different security devices, such as Atenpro mobile telecare, Immediate Location Devices (DLI) and Telematic Devices for Control of Restraint Measures.

On the other hand, Callado said that the Board allocated 1.5 million euros to its twelve lines of aid, allowing 228 projects, many of which were developed in educational centers, reaching more than 25,500 students. These grants include the Leonor Serrano Scholarships for university studies, of which 18 were awarded; or those aimed at orphaned minors, of which another 18 were granted. In addition, 238 women received rental assistance and another 145 benefited from care for victims of prostitution and / or trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

The opposition says “self-criticism” is lacking

María Roldán, deputy of the PP, has missed “a bit of self-criticism” to Callado, since the harshness of the year 2020 is not reflected in the data presented, but rather “distorts” them, since many of them are similar to the 2019. Roldán calls for more efforts to create quality employment, because without it the victims have neither stability nor freedom. He also believes that it is necessary to toughen the penalties, requesting a reviewable permanent prison for repeat offenders or crimes of special cruelty.

The popular deputy considers that the Ministry of Equality would have to review the distribution of its funds, since if the cases of gender violence increase, it is because the policies are not effective. It also proposes to focus on avoiding cases of violence over campaigns. “The left and socialism often conform and console their management frustrations by saying that they spend more than anyone else, even though they do not pay what they say they have spent and their aid is late,” he said.

Meanwhile, Elena Jaime, deputy for Citizens, believes that it is necessary to renew the State Pact against gender violence and considers that the best weapon to end it is to have more resources, especially to give these women a quality job that guarantee their independence.

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