They charter buses in Valencia to attend the pro-life rally ‘Every life matters’ in Madrid




The Platform ‘Valencia, yes to life’ invites you to go to Madrid on November 28, to participate in the concentration ‘Every life matters’ and currently collaborates with Provida Valencia to charter buses to travel to the capital for this call.

The concentration will be at twelve hours and “all Valencians who wish to promote the defense of human life are invited to travel, by any means to Madrid,” as indicated from the platform, a non-profit, non-political, civic entity and non-denominational.

The buses will therefore leave at seven in the morning from Plaza Zaragoza and to sign up, the telephone number 963201258 has been enabled from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. until next November 24. The registration fee for the bus trip is fifteen euros to be paid to the account ES66 2038 9938 4260 0022 7691.

In addition, the ‘Valencia, yes to life’ Platform continues to promote various actions, which will be developed over the next few weeks, in defense of respect for the value and dignity of all human life, from conception to natural death.

In this way, the platform will request each of the parliamentary groups to The Valencian Parliament a meeting to express concern about the threats to human life “in our society and propose concrete alternatives and corrective measures.”

“‘Valencia, yes to life’ is deeply concerned about the terrible number of abortions that are performed in our society”, as well as about various legislative initiatives at the national level that “may further aggravate this situation and suppose, at the same time, a serious curtailment of freedom of thought, conscience, expression, meeting and demonstration, imposing on the whole society certain particular visions in this area ”, they have indicated from the Platform.

They also added that “we are also extremely concerned about the lack of official aid and support for motherhood and fatherhood, as well as the serious consequences of the demographic winter that our society suffers and that is why we want to transfer our proposals to Valencian parliamentarians, as representatives of popular sovereignty and guarantors of the common good and the public interest ”.

On the other hand, the platform is preparing the celebration of the Feast of the Holy Innocents on December 28 as well as the events of the Week for Life in 2022 and “we will organize the Eucharist again in the Basilica of the virgin with the traditional song of Christmas carols ».

The ‘Valencia, yes to life’ platform is made up of various associations and civil society organizations, whose main objectives are to defend the value and dignity of all human life, whatever its circumstance or stage of development; the support for mothers with difficulties to carry out their pregnancy, either for economic, social or personal reasons; offer alternatives to abortion and help mothers who have gone through this serious trance; the promotion of the family as the basic cell of society and the recognition of the value and social role of motherhood and fatherhood.

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