This is what Bankia customers will not be able to do between November 12 and 14




As of November 15, the only trace that will remain of Bankia is its history. This weekend the technological integration will take place in Caixabank and the digital banking of the absorbed will disappear. They will begin to operate as a single entity and under a single system from this coming Monday, although some clients should take into account that there will be operations that they will not be able to carry out for two days because of this process.

“As long as the integration process continues, there will be some temporary interruption of digital banking services for customers from Bankia”, Caixabank reported. Said term will cover from November 12 to 14 included. They will be able to check their products and account balance, but operations will be paralyzed. For example, on those days the clients of the absorbed entity will not be able to make transfers.

«Likewise, the service of Bizum that originates or is destined for a Bankia user will cease to be operational for a few hours during the weekend. In the case of pension plans, clients will have the updated valuation of the product on Tuesday 16 ”, said the bank.

Customers will be able to withdraw money from ATMs throughout the network and pay by card, but their balance will not be reflected in the account “for a few hours.” Virtually the entire park of ATMs already operates under the same technological platform, while, in the case of dataphones, an early and gradual migration has been carried out to ensure the continuity of the service.

All this will be for Bankia clients. Those of Caixabank origin, for their part, should not have any problems in their operations since they already operate under the bank’s systems.

A single bank

From October 15 it will operate as a single bank. Bankia customers must now use the Caixabank website, as well as its mobile application. However, there will be some changes for these users.

In mortgage loans, personal loans, deposits and insurance policies signed with Bankia the same conditions are maintained until the expiration of the product. On the other hand, the account numbers do change and the IBANs corresponding to the originating entity, Bankia, disappear. Caixabank is in charge of this process, of doing all the migration of cards and direct debits, and the client does not have to do anything.

The Bankia passbook should not be changed and neither should the card, although with a nuance: “What will not be necessary to change will be your plastic card with a Bankia image, which will remain operational until the expiration date indicated on the card itself.” Once that deadline expires, you will already have a Caixabank ‘plastic’.

Beyond this, Bankia’s linked customers now benefit from the program Caixabank ‘day to day’, fulfilling some requirements such as having direct debit income and three receipts or making three credit card payments per quarter. “In total, more than 13.6 million customers will have free their most usual operations with the bank,” reported the entity.

For their part, mobile payment services will be updated automatically in the case of users of Apple Pay y de Samsung Pay. Customers who paid with Google Pay They will be able to continue making payments with their mobile using CaixaBankNow or the imagin app.

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