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Spectacular Neolithic works of art discovered on chalk plates at Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the most important prehistoric monuments not only in the United Kingdom, but in the world, and what remains of it and that can be enjoyed today is the final stage, according to experts, of a four-part project that was completed about 3,500 years ago. Between 1968 and 2017, four Neolithic chalk plates with illustrations that until now were considered simple etchings made at random were discovered in the enclosure, but a study has concluded that they are one of the most spectacular examples of two-dimensional Neolithic works of art, already a rarity in Britain. The images discovered on the surface of the plates have been mapped by researchers from Wessex Archaeology, whose full findings were published in the journal Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, and have been dated by the scientists of English Heritage between 2900 a. C. and 2580 a. C.

Jesús García Calero: The ‘decapitality’ of Madrid

With great courtesy and some shyness, he approached my table, in the quiet square that bears the name of the singer Carlos Cano, which is already a coincidence, in Granada. Do you like flamenco?He asked me in syncopation, inclining his head a little so that the question would remain between us and so that if the answer was no, the issue would not come out of there. A gray jacket and a long, patterned scarf around the neck added elegance to the wavy gray hair. a few well-lived wrinkles. Of course I like it!

Picasso, an immigrant politically very suspicious for the French police for several decades

For a long half century, the French state security services quietly watched, spied on and controlled the life and work of Pablo Picasso, suspected of “dangerous friendships”, “subversive anarchism”, “traveling companion of the communists”, “dangerous refugee”, among other reasons for “police concern.”

Dostoevsky, a genius who still haunts us

If for Borges discovering Dostoevsky is equivalent to seeing the sea for the first time and, according to Nabokov, it is an invitation to a deicide, there are plenty of reasons to put his fingers in his biography as he plunged his fingers into the human soul. The Russian novelist did not know the twentieth century, but he described it in advance: guilt, punishment, loneliness, poverty, redemption … Each and every one of the anguish of contemporary man already crackled in the creatures that inhabit his prose .

A future for the ‘Cathedral of the Páramo’ of Burgos

The Villamorón church impresses on the outside, with that imposing bearing that can be seen from afar in the municipality of Villegas (Burgos) and that has earned it the name of the Cathedral of the Páramo, but entering the interior of this monumental Gothic temple causes unease. Its choir, attacked by woodworm, or its altarpiece, which had to be dismantled due to the lamentable state in which it was found, show the damage of years of oblivion, a deterioration that the association
Friends of Villamorón
intends to revert now from the hand of
. Through a
crowdfunding campaign
, the nearly 70 active friends of Villamorón seek to raise 25.000 euros to clean up this unique space and turn it into a meeting place, exhibitions and concerts.

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