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Laporta considers his endorsement lost and will take Bartomeu to court

Jose Antonio Montero, a former point guard for the Barcelona basketball team and a close associate of the general director of Sports, now works for the League. And precisely the Higher Sports Council, whose general director is Albert Soler, has been in charge of carrying out the audit that exactly Tebas needed to put the president of Barcelona, Joan Laporta, between a rock and a hard place. Laporta now has 20 days to present a new guarantee of 124.6 million, replacing the one he presented to take office and which expires on November 28. This guarantee must cover until January 17, 2022, which is when the three-month period expires – from the approval of the budgets for this season by the assembly of delegates – to present the new and corresponding guarantees.

Alonso, nerves of steel to avoid Bottas and two free positions

Fernando Alonso He was “happy” after getting the ninth position in the Mexican Grand Prize of Fñómula 1 and assured that the weekend was complicated but ended with a “good taste in the mouth.”

The referee who educates parents and children in honesty

In recent days, several videos of the ‘Referee of peace’, as the Malaga collegiate Ángel Andrés Jiménez is nicknamed, they have been the epicenter of positive and even constructive comments on the not always benevolent social networks. In them you can see this referee chatting openly in a group with the novice players about aspects such as the empathy, respect and companionship. After his speech to the children, he goes to the stands to introduce the parents to the ‘VAR of the fans’: “It is an invitation to the public to follow the principles of ‘see, encourage and respect’In other words, I urge them to have a behavior that favors the fun of the kids and that at the same time encourages their training as human beings ”, Ángel Andrés comments to ABC. «I tell parents not to give the boys too many instructions, because with the ‘Come on, run! Pass it on!’ all they do is harass them and make them nervous. I invite you to simply cheer and clap, ”he continues.

A rookie for a ruinous Barça

The most desired coach in the recent history of Barcelona took office yesterday. Xavi Hernández was presented at the Camp Nou, cheered by 10,000 fans eager for success and for a Joan Laporta who sees in Tarrasa the panacea with which to heal the club in sports. Accompanied by his parents, brothers and wife, the new coach signed until June 30, 2024, promising work, discipline and an attractive game. With phrases like “We cannot fail the fans, the draw is not valid here” or “I arrive prepared, I have not lost the ADNBarça” has made his philosophy and intentions clear. It enjoys the unanimity of Barcelona, ​​but, as Guardiola asserted during a charity game of golf, «Xavi will not enjoy the hundred days of grace, he knows that the results rule ».

Ibrahimovic, another threat to Spain: «My body gets old, but my head gets younger and I get more and more handsome»

Disappointed after not being able to play the Eurocup due to injury, Zlatan Ibrahimovic He was happy this Monday when he returned “at last” to the Swedish team to play the decisive matches for the Nordic country’s qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Two legends to revive the most historic club in Italy

Founded in 1893, Genoa is the oldest calcium club and the fourth most awarded behind Juventus, Inter and Milan. A classic from Serie A which is in serious trouble after a bad start to the season. To try to straighten the course, the board has put the bench in the hands of two legends of Italian football. Former players who left a very good taste in the mouth at Milan and that now they will try to revive the historic Genoa.

Spain, an expert in escaping the abyss

Spain she gets serious. Despite the broad smiles that the players showed upon their arrival in Las Rozas, the situation demands a lot of rigor, and in fact the internationals are aware. A world, or at least the quickest and least harrowing way to get to it. There is no other choice but to win the two remaining games to finish the qualifying phase. The first, the most immediate, will be this Thursday in Athens, against Greece. If he succeeds, everything will be a face to cross against Sweden at La Cartuja, on Sunday. It is no small thing.

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