Traffic light parties nationwide want 3G in the workplace

Dhe traffic light parties want to introduce a mandatory 3-G rule in the workplace across Germany. This was agreed in the morning, said the health policy spokeswoman for the SPD, Sabine Dittmar on Tuesday in Berlin. There is now a test order to the Ministry of Labor, how this is to be implemented. The agreement with the Greens and the FDP was that proof of vaccination, recovery or testing should be mandatory throughout Germany, she said.

Daily tests and a right to information are to be associated with the planned 3-G regulation at the workplace. It should also be regulated “that the employer can save this data for a certain period of time,” said Dittmar. “Intensive discussions” are still being held with the trade unions about this.

IG Metall signaled on Tuesday that it was not fundamentally against the planned 3-G rule in the workplace. At the request of the German Press Agency, the union said: “We cannot avoid a 3-G rule in companies if 3G or 2G becomes the norm in public spaces. We reject a 2-G control in operation. “

Compulsory tests in old people’s and nursing homes

So far, employees are only obliged to provide information to their employer in certain areas, such as in old people’s and nursing homes, schools and daycare centers or hospitals. The trade unions had so far resisted a general obligation to provide information. According to the planned new regulation, employees in the workplace will have to be tested daily if they have not been vaccinated or have recovered.

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