“We are not the Catalan countries and we will go to court if necessary”




The Popular Party is not resigned to accepting that the Senate accepts the denominations of “Valencian Country” and “Catalan countries” to refer in whole or in part to the Valencian Community.

The Senate Table rejected last week the popular group’s request for the Upper House not to process initiatives that used the terminology of “Catalan countries”, in which the independents include Catalonia, the Balearic Islands or the Valencian Community, or that of ” Valencian country”.

The PSOE and the PNV they asserted their majority in the Table of the Upper House to overthrow the proposal of the PP, which has three representatives in the body. The popular, however, have sent a letter to the Table with the intention of reconsidering their position. A position that coincides in time and form with the veto on the use of the term Valencia in Spanish to refer to the capital of Turia, as reported ABC.

This Tuesday, the president of the Popular Party of the Valencian Community, Carlos Mazon, has warned that his training “is not going to joke with this matter and if the Senate Board does not agree with us, we will go to court.”

According to Mazón, “we are not a country belonging to a group of countries led by anyone from the north of the Valencian Community, it is as simple as understanding it. We are not, and we will make it to the end». In this regard, he has indicated that the PP will wait for the “final” decision of the Senate Table and, if it does not reconsider its position regarding the names of “Valencian Country” and “Catalan countries”, it will present an appeal to the Justice.

The popular leader has stressed that “we defend the term ‘Comunitat Valenciana’ because it is the legal term, but it is also the term that we like the most, because the word ‘community’ comes from the conjunction of two very beautiful words, which are common and union ».

In this line, he has defended that the Valencian Community nomenclature is «more than a term, since it has to do with the defense of our Statute, defending our integrity, our essence and our hallmarks ”.

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