“Whoever comes will be vaccinated”: Bavaria is ramping up vaccination centers again

Bavaria is restarting all of its corona vaccination centers.

Munich – “We firmly believe that boosters are the best protection,” said Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) on Tuesday after the cabinet meeting in Munich. The vaccination centers should write directly to all people over 60 years of age, but there is no order. “Anyone who comes will be vaccinated – no one will be turned away,” said Söder.

The CSU boss also announced stricter controls on the 2G and 3G regulations that have been in force in Bavaria since Tuesday. The police should impose direct fines and be able to order temporary closings in the event of repeated violations.

Since the hospital traffic light has now turned red, the 3G rule at work applies in Bavaria. Many events are only open to those who have been vaccinated or who have recovered. “3G plus” applies to restaurants and services that are close to the body – anyone who has not been vaccinated or recovered must present a PCR test. In schools, masks must also be worn again – this obligation is to be extended until further notice.

Söder was concerned about the “very, very serious” situation. He warned that due to the situation in the hospitals, a “disaster case” might have to be declared later in the week. That would only happen if moving patients from crowded hospitals to other hospitals became more difficult. It means “not a general catastrophe”, but primarily that it would be easier to relocate with clear instructions, said Söder.

He called the submission of the potential traffic light coalition in the federal government on Monday a “first aid kit”, but not a comprehensive concept. Again he called for a federal-state conference. Söder also urged everyone who was still unsure about getting vaccinated. This is a “solidary” task. “You can see here on some: It did not cause any damage,” said Söder, addressing doubts. Everyone who wants to be vaccinated now is warmly welcome.



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