Biden opens the borders with Mexico, but maintains the veto of asylum seekers

Mexico City



After almost 19 months closed, the reopening of the 22 customs offices spread over the 3,169-kilometer border between the United States and Mexico returned to its frenzy on Monday, November 8. Since eight o’clock in the afternoon the day before, Mexican cars made long attenuated lines because foreigners who are not US citizens or residents must enter with a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 together with a negative PCR or antigen test. For now, with the inoculation of a single dose, access is allowed, however, as of January 2022, you must be fully immunized to enter the superpower.

And it is that every citizen who makes non-essential trips, for tourism or to meet friends or family, must indicate the reason for their trip by land or by ferry, asked Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security. To facilitate access, free virus test stations have been installed, such as at the San Ysidro checkpoint, the world’s most crossed land border, through which 17 million vehicles and 50 million people pass.

A measure that does not affect the most underprivileged because the Biden Administration will continue to fail to fulfill its encouraging campaign promises for migrants seeking asylum in the US This is a consequence of the sentence handed down by the Supreme Court that last August 24 reinstated the Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, which affected 70,000 migrants from the Protection Protocols (MPP), placing them in regulatory limbo in the Mesoamerican country. Human Rights First denounced the kidnapping of 6,000 migrants since Biden took power as well as the existence of 1,500 affected by rape, torture or human trafficking as of January 2019. Many are fleeing violence, persecution and accompanying climatic disasters. juvenile.

The reopening also discards the 32 million Mexicans inoculated with Sinovac and Cansino and 19.1 million from Sputnik V, since these vaccines have not received approval from the American FDA. 50 countries with less than 10% of the vaccinated population will be affected and will need a special permit issued by Washington and will only be able to cross the border for business or tourism. Certain unvaccinated individuals will be allowed entry by urgent medical evacuation due to a humanitarian or emergency measure. Those exceptions will be enforced “in an extremely strict manner” and will require approval from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There could also be a medical exception, supported by documentation from a doctor.

The reopening of the border crossings is an expected initiative for millions of Mexicans and Americans and is due to an economic reason given the imminence of Black Friday and ‘El Buen Fin’, the sales season in Mexico that begins today. The usual two-hour wait on average will reactivate the economy, which had losses estimated at 55.3 billion dollars. If they had followed the restrictions, in a month they could vanish 2.500 million dollars with the consequent definitive closure of companies that greatly affects the US side. Thus, in El Paso, which shares the border with Ciudad Juárez, Mexicans leave 1.4 billion and in cities like Laredo, McAllen and Brownsville between 8% and 14% of their economic activity depends on Mexican tourism. The connection is maximum as it shows that before his trip to New York to talk about security at the UN headquarters, López Obrador boasted that the remittances – earnings that migrants send to their country of origin – from the United States will reach the record of 50,000 million this year, more than tourism or the industrial sector.

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