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The Mexican champion who lives in a shack

Nothing in the life of Sofia Ramos Rodríguez it has been easy. He did not even opt for athletics, since he enjoyed other sports so much, such as gymnastics, that it was difficult for him to bet on just one. Still, that was the least of his worries, forced to fight for her future since she was a child.

Lukashenko hints that Poland seeks war with Belarus

It is not the first time that the Belarusian dictator, Alexander Lukashenko, he shakes up the scarecrow of a war between his country, Poland, the Baltic republics and NATO as a whole. He did so repeatedly last year amid the wave of protests launched against him by the opposition for manipulating the results of the presidential elections. Today he used the same language again and warned that, if a fight breaks out, “Russia would be immediately involved in this whirlwind and it is the largest nuclear power. ‘

Pepita Vilallonga, the television seer who predicted the death of a client

«I don’t think you will make it to December». This was the devastating prediction that a woman suffering from depression found when she went to the television psychic’s office in 2016 Pepita Vilallonga. According to the victim, for a month she lived in a “state of panic” and disbursed up to 31,000 euros to pay for rituals that could prevent her imminent death and that of her pets. And, according to his story, the tarot reader would have assured him that it would not last “long” because they had cast an evil eye on him. In a difficult personal moment, the woman turned to Vilallonga’s office for help, and believes that she was scammed. For this reason, she asks for eight years in prison, so that she “stops deceiving people.”

Ayuso, about Pedro Sánchez: «I see him delighted to see himself, and then you know that he is lying to you»

The regional president, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has gone tonight to the television program El Hormiguero, directed by Pablo Motos, and there he has acknowledged that his relationship with the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, “can be improved”. Specifically, he says that when treating him it seems that he is “delighted to see you, and then you know that he is lying to you.” On the internal crisis in his party on account of his desire to preside over the PP in Madrid, he defends giving that battle because it is «a person with own criteria“And to which” the ballot box “gives” much more freedom than the offices. “

Sergio Ramos finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel

Sergio Ramos He has returned to training with his PSG teammates after many weeks away from the group. He has done it in a reduced session, in which there were only footballers who have not been called up with their national teams and in which the Spanish has been able to rejoin the collective dynamics, the first step to assess his return to the playing fields.

Carlos Mazón: “We are not the Catalan countries and we will go to court if necessary”

The Popular Party is not resigned to accepting that the Senate accepts the denominations of “Valencian Country” and “Catalan countries” to refer in whole or in part to the Valencian Community.

The posing of Ayuso and Almeida in La Almudena does not slow down the internal pulse in the PP

Crowds around the Almudena Cathedral esplanade, a bright sunny morning and dozens of media expectations. The setting was this Tuesday, the day of celebration of the Madrilenian patron saint, the Virgen de la Almudena, ideal for a reunion between friends in front of hundreds of witnesses. This was the hug, with light and stenographers, from the regional president, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, and the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida: photographed and broadcast live, viewed down to the smallest detail. Reflection of a harmony that really exists between the two politicians, but that does not mean more than a festive truce in an internal conflict in the PP that is still open on the channel.

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