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Here, the headlines of the day where, in addition, you will be able to know all the news and the latest news of today on ABC. Everything that has happened this Wednesday, November 10 in the world and in Spain:

German ICUs, more saturated than ever

Germany has registered a new record of infections for the second consecutive day: 213.7 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days. The rate has doubled since last week and hospital intensive care units (ICUs) are barely managing to process the peak occupancy. The German Specialized Society of Intensive Care Physicians (DGAI) and the Professional Association of German Anesthetists (BDA) have asked in a joint letter to the Acting Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, and to regional governments that urgently take measures to contain what in Germany is considered the fourth wave of the pandemic, while noting that in many regions of Germany emergency treatments, such as care for patients with tumors, heart attacks or strokes, are being postponed due to the heavy load on ICU wards.

The man who swims among icebergs: “The water is no longer at 3 degrees, but at 10”

Of the 12 days that Lewis Pugh (1969, Plymouth, UK) has spent this year swimming in the icy waters of Greenland, there is an image that cannot be removed from the head. Thousands upon thousands of icebergs falling from the Ilulissat ice fjord, making their way to the ocean. “It was an ice highway”says Pugh, with all the blocks one after the other. The polar regions have been changing for decades and he has been an exceptional witness. Has swum where no one has ever done it before. With just a swimsuit, a hat and glasses, he has plunged into the waters of the North Pole or the Himalayas. But what he is seeing now, he says, is not a climate crisis. It is, directly, a “catastrophe.”

China, between a rock and a hard place of growth and pollution

Caught between a rock and a hard place, China is torn between the economic growth and the fight against pollution that this generates. Quite untimely, the dilemma has jumped in the middle of the Climate Summit being held in Glasgow to combat global warming. The criticized absence of President Xi Jinping, who has not traveled abroad for almost two years due to the coronavirus, has been joined these days by a serious energy crisis coinciding with the arrival of the harsh winter.

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