Media reports: Migrants break through the border fence between Belarus and Poland

There is a state of emergency on the border between Belarus and Poland. The situation is noticeably worsening. According to media reports, migrants are said to have broken the border.

Warsaw / Minsk – Migrants have been trying to cross the border from Belarus to Poland for days. Thousands of Polish soldiers secure the border with Belarus. According to the Polish media, two large groups of migrants managed to storm the border from Belarus into Poland.

Migrants apparently break through the border fence from Belarus to Poland

Several dozen migrants are said to have destroyed the fences near the villages of Krynki and Bialowieza in order to cross the border, the Polish news agency PAP reported on Tuesday evening, citing the local broadcaster Bialystok. The station quoted a spokeswoman for the border guards that in both cases fences and barriers had been violently torn down. Recordings from the border area had previously appeared showing scenes from the barbed wire fence.

Some of the migrants have been returned to Belarus, while others have been released. Belarusian border guards released pictures of several people who were bleeding from their heads and hands. There were deep cuts in the palms of the hands after people tried to get over the barbed wire fences. They are Kurds. They said they got medical help.

The night shots published in the morning by the authoritarian ex-Soviet republic could not be checked. Dozens of people were also shown waiting in tents and around campfires. A crying child could also be heard. The Belarusian state propaganda accuses the Polish security forces of brutal actions against those seeking protection.

There are hundreds of people on the Belarusian side. According to the Polish authorities, the refugees had received food from Belarusian organizations, it said. The EU member Poland has stationed thousands of soldiers at the border to prevent the barbed wire from breaking through. The Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko called on Tuesday to let people through. They didn’t want to settle in Poland, but mainly in Germany, he said in an interview.

The politician, decried as the “last dictator in Europe”, has a reputation for allowing people from crisis states such as Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq to be flown in in order to smuggle them towards the EU border. Lukashenko had denied the allegations and held international smuggling networks responsible for organizing people’s trips. He again admitted that he would no longer stop migrants on their way to the EU. (dpa / ml)

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